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Reduce Gas Station Drive-Offs

For many gas station owners, the pay-at-the-pump system gives new negative meaning to the term “self service.” While customer convenience is increased, so is the potential for customer driveoffs, or leaving the gas pump without paying.

A gas pump manufacturer with an installed base of 1500 systems in the southern United States needed a solution for customer drive-offs, a problem which caused its larger customers up to $1,000,000 in losses per month. The manufacturer wanted a cost-effective surveillance solution to capture a photo of the license plate and driver at the beginning of each transaction, since these elements are required in order to prosecute the offender.

The manufacturer evaluated the Watchport®/V2 USB camera and found its low-light sensitivity, high resolution and ease of use to be exactly what they needed. The camera is highly customizable, with a replaceable lens and a removable chassis, and can easily be integrated into a gas pump enclosure since it is USB-attached and does not require an external power supply.

The manufacturer worked with Digi to write a software package that would trigger the Watchport/V2 to snap a photo when a transaction was initiated at the pump by selecting “Pay Inside” as the payment option. If the transaction was not completed within a given time frame, the image would be uploaded to the store server and saved for identification purposes.

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