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Reduce Size of Retail Stations

Real estate, especially floor space inside a store, is invaluable to a retailer. The smaller the POS stations, the more room for merchandise, and the higher potential for revenue. A major POS system manufacturer was searching for a way to build a thinner POS station for a retailer with three checkout stations per store. The retailer wanted not just a smaller footprint, but also an easy way to centrally manage each station.

The POS system manufacturer tested the AnywhereUSB®/5, a 7-inch wide network-enabled USB hub, and found that it could take the place of the PC or dumb terminal at each POS station. Special software drivers are loaded on the back-office server, where all transaction processing takes place via USB Over IP® technology. Each POS station includes one AnywhereUSB, which is connected to the LAN over a standard TCP/IP connection. A bar-code scanner, credit card reader, receipt printer, pole display and alphanumeric cash register are connected to the AnywhereUSB. The five USB ports on each AnywhereUSB appear to be locally attached to the back-office server.

The AnywhereUSB also offered this retailer centralized management, instantly increasing security and reducing IT support. Since the AnywhereUSB replaced the PC at each POS station, less user-intervention can occur, reducing data corruption or tampering. It enables IT to perform maintenance and upgrades at a single server rather than at multiple PCs. This set-up also provides system redundancy – if the server fails, another server on the network can take over, reducing system downtime.

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Creating smaller, centrally managed retail stations

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