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Remote Building System Management

Large commercial and industrial buildings rely on several systems to meet proper temperature, air quality and energy requirements. Typically, these systems are produced by different manufacturers and offer little interaction between systems.

Having the ability to monitor or control systems remotely through a single network allows for greater flexibility and efficiency. Existing systems can be retrofitted with XBee® adapters to provide a wireless mesh network back to a ConnectPort X gateway. Many newer products such as air quality system controllers, building sensors and energy meters come with XBee modules pre-installed, allowing for easy expansion and retrofitting into the mesh Drop-in Network.

The Python-programmable ConnectPort X gateway is able to gather information from wired and wireless enabled controllers or sensors and then backhaul all the systems’ data securely back to Device Cloud by Etherios™. Facilities managers may then pull data from Device Cloud to monitor several building systems in real-time. Additional Device Cloud features like e-mail alerts, SMS support and the ability to provide data to smart phone applications allows for enhanced data communication to field personnel.
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Easily add to, monitor and control multiple building systems

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Connect multiple building automation systems over a wireless mesh network and make that information available through a secure internet connection
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