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Update Content on Digital Restaurant Signs

Plastic signs with removable letters are becoming obsolete, as new electronic signs are being installed at many restaurants to advertise daily or weekly specials. A franchisee of five restaurants wanted to find an easy way to update the content on outdoor electronic signs from any location, without having to physically connect a PC to the sign at each restaurant.

Using Digi’s Drop-in Networking solutions, the signs are now wirelessly connected to the restaurants and are accessible over the Internet. Each digital sign is connected to an XBee® adapter, providing low-power wireless connectivity. ConnectPort™ X gateways provide IP connections to each sign, allowing the restaurant owner to change the information displayed on any or all of the signs at any time, from any location.

This Drop-in Networking application:

  • Creates a short-range, low-power network
  • Provides a non-intrusive way to connect signs at different locations
  • Enables remote monitoring and control of electronic signs

Not only does this wireless system allow the franchisee to avoid the disruption and cost of burying conduit and wires beneath her parking lots, but it also allows her to monitor and control each sign remotely. Now she can easily update breakfast, lunch and dinner specials at her five restaurants, without making a visit to each location.

Simultaneously updating digital signage at multiple restaurant franchises

Now you can...
Implement a wireless Drop-in Network to remotely monitor and control outdoor electronic signs at a restaurant

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