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Update Electronic Billboard Content Remotely

Electronic billboards are growing in popularity over static signs along roadsides. One reason they are so desirable to advertisers is that messaging is dynamic – it can even be tailored according to the day of the week or time of day. In order to upload the latest advertising content, however, someone must physically connect to each sign. This can be costly and time-consuming, since someone has to travel to each sign to make updates.

Digi helped an electronic billboard manufacturer overcome this obstacle with the Digi TransPort WR21 cellular router. By connecting the Digi TransPort WR21 to the serial port of a digital billboard, sign owners can update information remotely over a cellular data connection. The cellular router offers cost-effective and reliable high-speed wireless WAN connectivity, enabling sign owners to connect remotely to remove expired advertisements, and upload the latest content.

With the Digi TransPort WR21, electronic billboard sign owners can:
  • Update content remotely, without sending personnel to visit each sign
  • Diagnose problems remotely
  • Keep advertising content up to date

The manufacturer can offer its electronic billboard customers a reliable, cost-effective and convenient way to ensure that digital content is always current.

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Eliminating time-consuming on-site visits to update digital billboard content

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Update electronic billboard messaging remotely, using cellular data networks

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