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Update Financial Data Center Infrastructure

One of the largest investment banks in Canada has major data centers across the country that house a diverse collection of servers, firewalls, load balancers and routers that support its day-to-day operating activities. The bank manages some of this equipment with an older Cisco 2511 series console manager.

Internally, three groups were pushing to update the bank’s IT infrastructure for different reasons. The Unix Group was concerned that the Cisco device could not handle Sun break signals, which caused their numerous Sun servers to hang up frequently. The Network Group wanted to take advantage of the latest security, logging capability and connectivity options available in modern console management. Areas of interest included secure clustering, buffered log-in, authentication security, event logging, and real time intelligent monitoring. The Windows Group required the ability to remotely view screens and control servers through a KVM-like graphical interface.

The Network Group led the task to find the best solution given the defined user requirements and available budget. They narrowed their consideration to two different technologies – a matrix KVM over IP solution from a well known infrastructure management provider, and a hardware-based console management solution from Digi International.

The bank tested the Digi Passport 48, an integrated console server that combines serial-based console management with remote administration of servers and network devices using network-based protocols like IPMI, iLO and ALOM. The Digi Passport also provides reliable graphical access to servers on the network via the same interface. The Digi Passport:

  • Resolves the Sun break issue
  • Increases the security of communication to network servers by authenticating user access and automatically generating auditable port logs
  • Includes freeKVM™, a KVM-like interface that provides graphical access to managed systems
  • Has a far lower upfront cost than competitive KVM over IP solutions
  • Allows an unlimited number of administrators to access the same device/port without any additional seat licenses, a potentially large variable cost associated with KVM over IP solutions

The Digi Passport addresses the diverse needs of each system's management group and does so cost effectively by offering an unmatched combination of functionality in a single piece of hardware. With the Digi Passport, the investment bank is now better equipped to provide secure remote access to and management of its distributed IT assets.

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