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Use Cellular for Pipeline Data Collection

Oil pipelines are generally buried underground in unpopulated remote areas. The pipeline control manager must maintain the integrity of the pipeline infrastructure and ensure safety by monitoring the pipeline for leaks and oil flow.

An oil utility had been using a manual process to collect data from flow meters along its pipeline. The pipeline control manager would drive to each flow meter daily and use a laptop to collect critical data.

Besides the amount of man-hours required to collect the data, the data was old by the time it reached the central control room for analysis. The utility was looking for a more efficient way to collect data from its pipeline, but without a Wide Area Network (WAN) in place, they feared the options were limited.

The Digi Connect® WAN IA, a wireless gateway that employs GSM or CDMA cellular data networks, was the perfect fit for this application.

  • Easy installation – works with existing infrastructure (or lack thereof)
  • Enables continuous monitoring for real-time wireless data collection
  • Eliminates daily manual collection of data from each meter, saving time and money
  • Class 1, Division 2 certification meets hazardous location safety requirements
  • Modbus serial to Modbus TCP conversion capability is supported for applications that can speak Modbus TCP directly
  • Screw terminal for power
  • DIN rail mounting and extended operating temperature tolerance (-30° C to 60° C) make it easy to store inside NEMA cabinets

The Digi Connect WAN IA allowed this oil utility to improve safety by gathering real-time data from remote flow meters – without changing the existing application or making expensive infrastructure changes.

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