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Wireless Energy Meter Connectivity

A Singapore based company offering a range of products focused on solving asset and energy management problems designed a smart meter for use in the Singapore market. The meters would allow customers to better manage their energy use by monitoring their power consumption.

These meters would mostly see deployment in large, multi-story buildings with multiple tenants. Because of the challenges posed by these buildings, wired solutions were not feasible or even possible in many situations. Additionally, until recently, the Singapore government had only approved wireless modules operating at 2.4 GHz, which while effective in many applications, did not offer the range capabilities that the company desired.

The Singapore government recently approved frequency ranges from 866 MHz to 869 MHz. XBee-PRO® 868 modules use a proprietary 868 MHz point-to-multipoint protocol and provide exceptional RF range performance, ideal for this application. Working with Digi, the company was able to adjust the RF frequency of the modules to provide the range they desired as well optimize the receiver sensitivity of the modules.

The company now has the flexibility to offer smart power meters to match any environment without range limitations or reliance upon wired infrastructure. For short range applications, meters embedded with XBee-PRO modules operating at 2.4 GHz are ideal. For applications where long distances are a factor, XBee-PRO 868 modules offer extended range performance.

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