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Wirelessly Network Home Health Care Monitoring Devices

Many patients who require constant health monitoring prefer the comfort of at-home health care monitoring to costly and inconvenient hospital care. The main difficulty with home health care is enabling patients to provide accurate and timely data to health care professionals.

With simple instructions, home health care patients can operate a variety of monitoring devices, weight scales, glucose meters and pulse oxymeters. XBee and XBee-PRO wireless modules embedded into each of these devices form a self-healing, self-discovering ZigBee mesh network. Located in the patient's home, a ConnectPort X2e gateway collects the device data and securely sends it over the internet to Device Cloud by Etherios™, allowing application developers to make the data available to care givers and medical records.

Health care professionals are able to securely access the data being collected by Device Cloud servers, making informed decisions based on the readings received from the patient. Digi’s Drop-in Networking solutions make it easy for doctors in many locations to share and compare patient information and collaborate with specialists located around the world.

    Key benefits offered by this Drop-in Networking solution include:
  • Self-forming mesh networks require no IT expertise from the patient
  • Data is secure through a combination of encryption and authentication
  • Automatic retries and acknowledgements ensure delivery of critical data
  • Equipment is mobile, allowing for deployment between different patients
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Easy monitoring of vital health data from patients receiving home-based care

Now you can...
easily monitor remote patient information in real-time using a combination of ZigBee and cellular technology.
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