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Remotely Monitor and Control Wind Turbines

Wind energy is an environmentally friendly and renewable source of electricity. Wind farms, dotted with rows of wind turbines, are popping up in remote areas throughout the United States and abroad. Small scale wind generation systems are also used for households and small businesses.

A wind turbine designer and manufacturer wanted to provide its residential and commercial customers the ability to remotely monitor and control their wind turbines. Running cable is typically too expensive or not feasible due to the locations of the turbines. Digi offered the manufacturer an affordable wireless solution to optimize the wind energy production for this eco-friendly application.

Extended-range XBee-PRO ZB ZigBee embedded RF modules are placed inside both the wind turbine and controller unit for each installation, enabling building owners to remotely monitor and control turbine productivity without visiting the installation sites. Benefits include:

  • Wireless solutions are less intrusive than wired solutions
  • Easy to setup and maintain a simple wireless connection between the controller and turbine
  • Reduced development time/risk
  • Compatible with low-power XBee ZB modules
  • RF line-of-sight range up to 1 mile (1.6 km)

Digi enabled this environmentally friendly application by providing an affordable and easy solution for wind energy users to remotely monitor and control energy production levels.

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Wind turbine manufacturer wants to make it easy for owners to remotely monitor and control wind turbines.

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Implement an embedded wireless solution to remotely monitor turbine productivity for maximum efficiency.
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