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Rabbit Semiconductor® Announces RabbitFLEX™, a Revolutionary Platform Delivering Custom Boards in Five Days

April 4, 2006; Davis, CA – Today, Rabbit Semiconductor announces the introduction of the RabbitFLEXTM product platform, which debuts an innovative, patent pending process for creating and manufacturing customized boards. Customers who use RabbitFLEX are empowered to design unique, board level solutions by first using an intuitive web interface called "The RabbitFLEX Configurator." Via this web interface, customers create their designs by choosing from a generous array of available board options including Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, RabbitNet, as well as a host of analog and digital I/O circuits. All of these configurations are saved into a customer specific Design ID, which is then processed and ordered completely free from NRE charges or setup fees. A streamlined manufacturing process results in custom product built and shipped from the factory within an unprecedented five working days. Embedded designers will immediately recognize RabbitFLEX as the quick-turn solution for their prototyping needs as well a cost effective platform to satisfy their production requirements.

Programming the RabbitFLEX platform is supported by the industry-proven Dynamic C® software development system, which complements the entire Rabbit product line. Unique to the industry, the benefit of highly integrated hardware and software from Rabbit substantially reduces development time and cost. In addition, Rabbit developers do not need costly in-circuit emulators — programming is accomplished simply by connecting an interface cable from a PC to the RabbitFLEX programming connector.

Pricing for RabbitFLEX boards range from $149.00 to $279.00 Qty (1), depending on customer configuration. First time development is supported with a RabbitFLEX Tool Kit priced at $199.00, which includes a complete development software package, product documentation, programming cable and accessories. An optional LCD/Keypad Accessory Kit is also available for only $69.00.

For more information please contact Rabbit Semiconductor at T: 530-757-8400, F: 530-757-8402, E: RabbitFlex@rabbit.com.

Rabbit Semiconductor
Rabbit Semiconductor, a Digi International® brand (NASDAQ: DGII), is a global provider of high-performance 8-bit microprocessors and development tools for embedded control, communications, and Ethernet connectivity. A sister division of single-board computer and software manufacturer Z-World, Rabbit Semiconductor introduced the popular Rabbit® 2000 microprocessor in 1999, the Rabbit 3000 in 2002 and the Rabbit 4000 in 2006. The industry award-winning RabbitCoreTM line of microprocessor core modules was introduced in 2001. Rabbit Semiconductor offers customers a complete embedded design system, including low-cost development kits and comprehensive technical support for both hardware and software issues. Rabbit Semiconductor is a member of the Fabless Semiconductor Association and is located in Davis, Calif., 70 miles east of San Francisco.

For more information, visit Digi's Web site at www.digi.com, or call 877-912-3444 (U.S.) or 952-912-3444 (International).

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