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Rabbit® OP7200 eDisplay

Ethernet-Intelligent Operator Interface

  • Rabbit® 2000 microprocessor at 22 MHz
  • ¼ VGA display (320 x 240 pixels)
  • 10Base-T Ethernet, RJ-45
  • 256K Flash/128K SRAM
  • 24-27 industrialized I/O and 4 CMOS-compatible serial ports
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The OP7200 series of intelligent operator interfaces offers rugged I/O and Ethernet connectivity, along with optional A/D and touchscreen capabilities. The 10-Base-T Ethernet facilitates remote diagnostics, control and communication, including sending and receiving emails and alerts. Both models come equipped with a ¼ VGA display with a 9-key keypad and programmable on/off white LED backlight. The OP7200 series also provides easy-to-use menu building software and offer a programmable audible alarm for prompt notification and keypad/display feedback.

Functionality of the OP7200 can be expanded using the optional RabbitNet™ expansion cards. RabbitNet expansion cards can be tailored to a large variety of demanding applications.

The compact OP7200 eDisplay is an intelligent operator interface ideal for data acquisition and stand-alone systems such as factory floor controls.


  • RabbitNet Expansion capability (see below)
  • 1/4 VGA display (320 x 240 pixels)
  • 24-27 industrialized digital I/O
  • 10Base-T Ethernet with RJ-45
  • 4 CMOS-compatible serial ports
  • Supports
    • English and foreign language fonts
    • Graphic and bitmap images
  • Optional
    • 8 A/D inputs
    • 4096 × 4096 analog touch screen
  • Meets NEMA 4 water resistance standards for harsh environments when front-panel mounted


RabbitNet expansion ports enable you to design a modular and expandable embedded control system for real-time control, display, and data-acquisition applications.

A typical RabbitNet system consists of a master single-board computer (SBC) and one or more peripheral cards. A Rabbit® microprocessor on the master provides fast data processing, and the master SBC also provides the DCIN and +5 V power for the peripheral cards.

Programming the eDisplay

Programs are developed for the OP7200 using Rabbit’s industry-proven Dynamic C® software development system. Dynamic C offers an extensive library of drivers and demo programs, along with royalty-free TCP/IP stack with source. You can program and debug both OP7200 models over Ethernet/Internet using the appropriate accessory hardware. Demo programs include pop-up menuing, onscreen keypads, data transmission/reception over TCP/IP and serial connections, analog volt meter display, and many more.

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Product Type OP7200 OP7210
Microprocessor Rabbit® 2000 @ 22 MHz
Ethernet Port 10/100-compatible with 10Base-T interface, RJ-45
Flash Memory (Program) 256K
Backup Battery Socketed 3V lithium coin type, 265 mA·h
Keypad/Display ¼ VGA (320 × 240 pixels) with programmable white LED backlight, black on white display, transflective FSTN LCD, 6 o’clock viewing angle; 9-key keypad
Touchscreen 4096 × 4096 resistive touchscreen None
LEDs 4: Power On, Microprocessor Error, Ethernet Link, Ethernet Activity
Digital Inputs 19: Protected to ±36V DC 16: Protected to ±36V DC
Digital Outputs 8: Individually configurable in software to sink up to 350 mA each, 36V DC max., or source up to 250 mA each, 40V DC max
Analog Inputs 8 single-ended or 4 differential, 200 kΩ input impedance, 1.5 ksamples/s sampling rate
  • Software-controlled ranges: 0–1V, 2V, 5V 10V, 20V DC (11-bit single-ended, 12-bit differential)
Connectors Four 12-position screw-terminal headers, 0.1” pitch Three 12-position screw-terminal headers, 0.1” pitch
Serial Ports 4 Serial Ports:
  • 2 RS-232 or 1 RS-232 (with CTS/RTS)
  • 1 RS-485 with onboard network termination and bias resistors or 1 RS-422 SPI master port
  • One 5V CMOS-compatible programming port
Serial Rate Max. burst rate = CLK/32, Max. sustained rate = CLK/64
Real-Time Clock Yes
Timers Five 8-bit timers (4 cascadable from the first), one 10-bit timer with 2 match registers
Watchdog/Supervisor Yes
Power 9–40V DC or 22–26V AC, 4W max.
Temperature Operating Range: -10° C to +65° C
Storage Range: -30° C to +80° C
Humidity 20% to 70%, non-condensing
Unit Size 4.41” × 5.67” × 1.70” (112 mm × 144 mm × 43 mm)


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