Rabbit RIO® Programmable I/O Application Kit

Intelligent I/O Expansion Chip

  • Easily interface to any CPU via an available SPI or parallel port
  • Instantly add up to 32 digital I/O lines
  • 8 independent functional channels with 4 ports each
  • Channels configurable as: Bi-directional I/O, PWM or PPM outputs, TRIAC signal generators, input capture, more
  • Add I/O and peripheral features to any new or existing design
How to Buy

The Rabbit RIO chip offers both I/O expansion and peripheral features that easily integrate into new or existing designs. It interfaces to any microcontroller with an available SPI or parallel port. Multiple peripheral features offer a distinct advantage for motor control applications. The Rabbit RIO simply takes the load off the processor, making it ideal for applications with demanding networking requirements.

The RIO Programmable I/O Kit demonstrates how to expand an embedded control system design by adding additional I/O, timing and other features. The kit is built around the Rabbit RIO® I/O chip, which is a peripheral device designed to be incorporated into systems requiring versatile timing controls and a broad range of functionality. The included RIO chip comes preinstalled on a prototyping board with configurable header locations to allow you to develop your own applications using Dynamic C® and the included sample programs.

The Rabbit RIO is also ideal for machine control applications. I/Os are 5V tolerant, which also includes pin-pair protection for applications such as H-bridge drivers. Since multiple status bits are set from a single match register, pins are easily configurable for higher drive current operations. The same signal could be output on multiple pins for applications that require a higher current. It also provides push pull protection for sink and source drivers.

Application Kit Contents

The RIO Programmable I/O Kit contains the following items:

  • Rabbit RIO prototyping board
  • RabbitCore® RCM4110 module
  • Dynamic C software CD
  • Supplemental CD with sample programs and reference material
  • Universal AC adapter and 10-pin header to DB9 programming cable
  • Jumpers and jumper wires for use on the prototyping board
Sample Programs

Included with the RIO Programmable I/O Kit are several sample programs that were developed around the Rabbit RIO prototyping board and the RabbitCore® RCM4110 module:

  • EVENT_COUNTER.C – Demonstrates the event counter functionality.
  • INPUT_CAPTURE.C – Demonstrates the input capture functionality.
  • PIN_PAIR.C – Demonstrates the pin-pair protection functionality.
  • QDECODE.C – Demonstrates the quadrature decoder functionality.
  • SIMPLEIO.C – Demonstrates the parallel I/O functionality.
  • SYNC.C – Demonstrates the forced increment, decrement, and synch functionality.
What Else You Will Need

Besides what is supplied with the RIO Programmable I/O kit, you will need a PC with an available COM or USB port to program the RCM4110 included with the kit.

Product Type Rabbit RIO® Expansion Chip
Clock Speed Up to 40 MHz
Operating Voltage 3.0 – 3.6V DC
Maximum I/O Input Voltage 5.0 V DC (3.3V DC typ.)
Core Current 22 MHz, @ 31.3 mA, 25° C
I/O Ring 22 MHz, @ 1.1 mA, 25° C
Output Drive 8 mA
CPU Interfaces SPI or 8-bit parallel
Fixed Digital Inputs 4
Configurable I/O 8 independant channels, each with 4 ports:
  • Up to 32 Bi-directional I/O lines
  • Up to 32 PWM outputs
  • Up to 16 PPM outputs
  • Up to 32 TRIAC signal generators
  • Up to 8 Input Capture peripherals
  • Up to 8 Counters
  • Up to 8 Quadrature decode peripherals
Package Type 64-pin TQFP
10 mm x 10 mm x 1.4 mm


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