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Digi Remote Manager

  • Management of large and small Digi TransPort™ networks
  • Asset management assistance
  • Collection and display of performance statistics
  • Network tampering early-warning system
  • Fast, automated rollout of configuration changes
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Digi Remote Manager is an enterprise class management and administration system for the Digi TransPort family of products. It monitors your Digi TransPort network and makes it easy to connect to remote devices for ad-hoc maintenance or scheduled configuration updates. It has full reporting features that allow you to monitor the performance of your network (transactions per hour, cellular latency, etc.) and present the results as easy-to-read charts and Microsoft® Office Word documents. In addition, Digi Remote Manager can work with Microsoft MapPoint® to provide a geographic overview of your network and highlight any sites which have issues.

Digi Remote Manager is an enterprise class management and administration system for the Digi TransPort™ family of products. It makes management of large numbers of devices easier by providing a central platform for support personnel to access and modify remote devices.

The system incorporates a powerful database facility which helps IT departments to document their networks and to quickly identify and connect to remote devices with just a few mouse clicks.

Digi Remote Manager makes light work of rolling out configuration changes or updated key material by contacting up to fifty devices simultaneously and updating them in parallel. Multiple security levels ensure that only authorized personnel can make changes, and attempts to connect to devices are time stamped and logged to an audit file.

Routine operations such as software updates can be scheduled to take place at a specified date and time. This can be used to minimize communications costs or roll out a new configuration to coincide with a network change.

Digi Remote Manager also ships with sophisticated reporting tools that allow administrators to automatically produce exception reports and graphics showing where problems have occurred on the network. These can be shared with the network operator to help improve service

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Digi Remote Manager
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  • View of all remote devices and their connection status
  • Automatic registration of newly connected devices
  • Remote device configuration
  • Actions include device grouping and scheduling of operations
  • Monitoring of user specified events
  • Device statistic and report generation
  • Alarm generation and alerting
  • Secure access to all devices from a web browser
  • Remote reboot of device and default reset

Hardware Requirements

  • Pentium or AMD processor 2.0 GHz or faster
  • 1 GB memory
  • 3.0 GB hard disk space

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional
  • Microsoft Windows Server® 2003 (at least 2 GB RAM recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista® (at least 2 GB RAM recommended)

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