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Utility Communication Hub

Rugged gateway for utility communications

Digi Device Cloud
  • Multiple router options enable a customizable final product, sold and serviced by a single provider
  • 2G, 3G and 4G versions support multiple carriers and coverage areas
  • Rugged IP66 enclosure protects from the elements while accommodating third-party equipment
  • Power options include battery backup, AC detection and surge arrestor offering reliable communication
  • Customizable interface options include multiple Ethernet, USB and serial ports
  • Product datasheet

The Digi Utility Communications Hub offers utilities and energy service providers a customizable remote command center for Distribution Automation and Commercial and Industrial applications.

Each hub is built on one of Digi’s proven cellular routing platforms. The Digi TransPort® offers advanced routing and security features such as VRRP, IPv6 and 256-bit AES. The ConnectPort® X offers dual radios to support a cellular and WLAN connection such as license-free RF and ZigBee Smart Energy.

The router’s serial and Ethernet options allow customers to communicate with C&I meters, reclosers, transformers, substation communication equipment, pressure stations and other utility infrastructure assets. Battery backup options are available.

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Digi TransPort WR21 - Utility Communication Hub
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Antenna - Cellular, Direct Mount, Penta Band, TNC
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  Digi Utility Communication Hub
Enclosure Specs
Enclosure 12 x 10 x 6 hinged box assembly; UV-resistant high-impact polycarbonate
Environmental Rating IP66
Outside Dimensions
(L x W x H)
11.94 in x 9.94 in x 6.23 in (30.33 cm x 25.25 cm x 15.82 cm)
  Digi TransPort WR41 Digi TransPort WR21 ConnectPort X4
Target Application Commercial and Industrial metering, substation network connectivity or serial telemetry requiring higher security Energy management requiring a gateway with mesh or multi-point radio connectivity
Management HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, SSL, SMTP, SNMP (v1/v2c/ v3), SSH, Telnet and CLI for web management; Remote management via software tool (option); SMS management, Protocol analyzer, Ability to capture PCAP files for use with Wireshark HTTP/HTTPS, CLI or Telnet; Optional secure enterprise management via Device Cloud
Security RADIUS, TACACS+, SSL, SSLv2, SSLv3, FIPS 197, L2TP, (5 tunnels included - 50 max on WR41, 200 max on WR44.); IPSec with IKEv1, IKEv2, ISAKMP; DES, 3DES and AES up to 256-bit encryption; Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) for X.509 certificates, Open VPN and PPTP; IPSec/ PPP/L2TP VPN Server support; IP pass-through SSL, SSL/TLS, SSHv2, FIPS 197, IPsec with IKE/ISAKMP; Multiple tunnel support; DES, 3DES and up to 256-bit AES Encryption, Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) for X.509 certificate
Router/Firewall Bridging, NAT/NAT-Traversal, NAPT forwarding; PPP, PPPoE, GRE; IP Routing Protocols: PPP, GRE, RIP (v1 & v2), OSPF, SRI, BGP; IP Failover: VRRP, VRRP+™; VLAN support; STP (Spanning Tree Protocol); Stateful inspection firewall with scripting; Modbus over UDP/TCP; DHCP; Dynamic DNS client compatible with BIND9/No-IP/DynDNS; Automatic failover/failback to second GSM network/Standby APN, Optional IPv6 NAT, NAT-T (NAT traversal) VPN tunneling, Port forwarding, VPN/GRE pass-through; Access control lists (IP filtering), IP pass-through, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) per RFC 3768
Serial 1 RJ-45 RS-232 1 DB-9F RS-232/422/485 1 DB-9M, software selectable RS-232/485
Ethernet 7 Ethernet ports 2 Ethernet ports 1 Ethernet port
Wi-Fi Optional None Optional
WLAN None None ZigBee, 900/868 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 802.15.4, proprietary mesh
Telemetry I/O telemetry module
(1 relay, 1 digital in, 4 digital out)
None None
Battery SLA 1.5 Ah battery included, 20 minute runtime None
Surge Protection None In-line lightning surge protector
Power Input 105-277 VAC
Internal Mounting Options None DIN Rail with supplied power 24 VDC @ 350 mA (max), 6.25 in x 4.50 in (158.75 mm x 114.3 mm) None
Antenna Types Cellular Cellular Cellular and WPAN
Operating Temperature -20° C to +55° C; -25° C to +70° C with reduced cellular performance
Wi-Fi models: -5° C to +55° C; -10° C to +70° C with reduced performance
GSM Models: -25° C to +75° C (-13° F to 167° F)
CDMA Models: -30° C to +75° C (-22° F to 167° F); Reduced cellular performance will occur above 60° C for CDMA models
WiMAX models: -20° C to +75° C
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