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Dynamic C®

Integrated development environment

  • Industry-proven for embedded applications
  • Debug on the target hardware
  • Libraries to configure your application
  • Includes AES and SSL
  • Remote device management with Digi Device Cloud

The Dynamic C® integrated development environment reduces the time and effort to write real-time software for embedded systems that use a Rabbit® microprocessor enabling easy development of a wide range of applications.

Rabbit integrates editing, compiling, linking, loading, and debugging into a single development environment as one function. All of the elements work together to give you a seamless environment, with no worries about compatibility moving from one stage to another. Once your design is complete you can debug it on the target hardware and see how your code works. Because it is a dialect of C, the Dynamic C language has all the statements and constructions of traditional C, plus extensions that make it easier to write reliable, real-time multitasking software.

The following are some extensions of Dynamic C:

Costatements Simplify the implementation of state machines
Function Chaining Control flow mechanism that allows callable segments of code to be embedded within one or more functions
Cofunctions Allow cooperative processes to be implemented in a single program
Slice Statements Enable preemptive processes in a single program

Industry-proven for embedded applications

It's easy to get started. Simply connect one of Rabbit's development kits to your computer using serial or USB connection. Dynamic C supports device connection to systems via wired or wireless Ethernet, RS-232 and ZigBee. Over 400 well-organized sample programs, a variety of supplied routines and hardware drivers will get you up and running in a matter of minutes.

The combination of the Dynamic C environment and Rabbit microprocessors supports the fast development of low cost intelligent devices that perform a wide range of functions, including switching motors on and off, actuating valves, controlling displays, keyboard controls, and making telephone calls. With the numerous network connectivity options and Internet capability you can send emails, serve web pages, accept commands, report exceptions, or raise alarms, just to name a few examples.

Debug on the target hardware

Debugging is easy with Dynamic C's built-in editor. No in-circuit emulator or analyzer is needed. One of the most significant advantages delivered by the Dynamic C IDE is that you execute and debug your design directly on the same, proven hardware you use for your final product. You won’t have to build a prototype to test the software, and you significantly reduce the time and effort to integrate software and hardware.

Download your design to the Rabbit core module or single board computer using a USB or serial connection, and then debug it interactively at either the source code or machine code level. The integrated debugger allows you to single-step from one statement to another. Since the integrated debugger is not line-oriented, you won’t have to re-compile to start the debug process.

You can complete software development with much greater confidence and with far less time. This capability is enabled by the target communications package and debugging kernel, both of which are integrated into the Dynamic C tools.

Libraries to configure your application

The Dynamic C integrated design environment includes libraries to configure your application. When you complete your design, the Dynamic C IDE will only compile what is needed for your specific design, keeping the application footprint small and minimizing the amount of program storage you need.

AES Advanced Encryption Standard. This is an implementation of the Rijndael Advanced Encryption Standard cipher with 128 bit key. This is useful for encrypting sensitive data to be sent over unsecured network paths.
SSL SSL is the most common form of security used on the Internet. All modern web browsers support it. Rabbit's efficient, small footprint implementation SSL allows SSL security to be added to web-enabled applications with just a few lines of code. The SSL module includes a utility program for generating the security certificates needed to use SSL.
FAT File System Popular, network-accessible file system for flash memories.
Library Encryption Executable Program to encrypt Dynamic C library source files.
µC/OS-II Real-time Kernel Popular, real-time preemptive, prioritized operating system.
Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) TCP/IP functionality for serial and PPPoE connections.
RabbitWeb n addition to the royalty free TCP/IP libraries Dynamic C also comes ready with RabbitWeb. RabbitWeb is an enhanced HTTP server that eliminates the need for complicated CGI programming and gives any developer complete control in web page design. Create feature rich web pages by combining RabbitWeb alongside popular web programming languages such as AJAX and Javascript.
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Management software for networked devices
Modbus TCP Ethernet variant of the standard communication protocol in industrial automation systems

Rabbit's Dynamic C is royalty-free. You can develop your product and go into production with no further licensing or paperwork.



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