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Cost-efficient, small footprint ARM9 microprocessor

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  • 32-bit system-on-chip with ARM926EJ-S core
  • Integrated 10/100 Mbit Ethernet MAC
  • On-chip high-performance encryption engine
  • Power management and rich set of interfaces
  • Drop-in replacement option for NS7520 designs

Part of Digi’s NET+ARM processor family, the NS9210 is the ideal choice for every network-enabled embedded application requiring a cost-efficient 32-bit solution. With high-performance attributes such as up to 150 MHz clock speed and 4 KB of I-cache and D-cache, it is the ideal choice for a broad range of applications such as security/access control, medical, industrial/building automation, transportation and remote monitoring.

Offering a subset of essential interfaces provided on the NS9215, the NS9210 supports industrial operating temperature and integrates two independent on-chip DRPIC1655X processor cores for a growing list of application-specific interface implementations. State-of-the-art data privacy and superior performance is guaranteed by an integrated and NIST-certified 256-bit AES accelerator. Digi's patented dynamic power management addresses the needs of power budget conscious designs.

The easy-to-use and complete NS9210 development kit for NET+OS® is based on the field-proven ThreadX® Real-Time Operating System, and delivers a true and IPv6-ready turnkey solution. It includes the Eclipse-based Digi ESP™ IDE as well as all integrated building blocks for secure network-enabled embedded software development.

The NS9210 is also a pin-compatible upgrade path for existing NS7520 designs requiring minimized design migration effort.

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NS9210 Development Kit for NET+OS 7 - Includes Eclipse-based Digi ESP IDE, USB debugger, Premium support package, Digi design review
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Development Kits North America: International:  
NS9210 Development Kit for NET+OS 7 - Includes Eclipse-based Digi ESP IDE, USB debugger, Premium support package, Digi design review
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Processors North America: International:  
NS9210 - 150 MHz, 177-pin BGA, -40° C to +85° C
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NS9210 - 75 MHz, 177-pin BGA, -40° C to +85° C
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Platform NS9210 NS9215
Processor ARM926EJ-S
Speed Grades 75/150 MHz
Cache 4 KB I-cache / 4 KB D-cache
Process 0.18µ CMOS
32-bit ARMv5TEJ Instruction Set
16-bit Thumb Instruction Set
DSP Instruction Extensions
(Improved divide, Single cycle multiply accumulate)
ARM Jazelle® Java Accelerator
Embedded ICE-RT Debug Unit
JTAG Boundary Scan, BSDL
Power Management Modes
AES Accelerator
Key Length 128-, 192-, 256-bit
Cipher Modes ECB, CBC, OFB, CTR, CCM
Hardware Key Expander
FIM (Flexible Interface Module)
FIMs 1/2; Availability depending on application-specific use of
external 16-/32-bit memory bus
Cores 8-bit DRPIC1655X
Speed Up to 300 MHz (4x bus speed)
Data Memory (SRAM) 192 Bytes
Program Memory (SRAM) 2 KB
Interface Options SD/SDIO, UART, 1-Wire, CAN, USB device (low-speed), Other; Please contact us for custom interface implementation options.
Power Management
Dynamic Clock Scaling (patent pending) Full, /2, /4, /8, /16 speeds, with hardware clock scale control (wake-up events)
Low-Power Sleep Modes
Configurable Wake-Up Conditions External IRQ, I2C, SPI, UART, Ethernet External IRQ, I2C, SPI, UART, Ethernet, RTC
Disabling of Unused System Modules
Memory Controller
Glue-less Interface
(SDRAM, SRAM, Buffered DIMM, EEPROM, Flash)
Self-Refresh (Sleep Mode)
Dynamic/Static Memory Chip Selects Selection of 5 4/4
Wait States Per Memory Chip Select 0-32
Static Memory Controller Extended Waits (EW) Up to 16,368
Automatic Dynamic Bus Sizing
Burst Support 8-transfer, with automatic data width adjustment
External DMA Channels 2
System Bus DMA
High-Speed Rotating AHB arbiter 16 channels
Deterministic Bus Bandwidth Allocation
Multiple Bus Masters Ethernet Tx/Rx, I/O Hub, Ext DMA, ARM core
External DMA
Independent DMA Channels 2
Transfer Modes External peripherals, External memory, AHB peripherals
AES DMA Support
AHB Master
I/O Hub
Low Latency
DMA 8 channels
DMA or Direct Access Mode UART, SPI, FIM UART, SPI, ADC, FIM
Direct Access Mode Only I2C I2C, RTC
AHB Master
External Interrupts
External Programmable Interrupts 4
Advanced Vectored Interrupt Controller
Two-Tier Priority
Low-Latency FIRQ
Interrupt Sources 32
Ethernet MAC
Data Rates 10 / 100 Mbit/s
Duplex Full and Half
PHY Interface MII
Address Filtering Station, Broadcast, Multicast
FIFO 2 KB Rx / 256 Byes Tx
Separate Tx and Rx DMA Channels
Programmable 8-Entry Restrictive
Multicast Filtering
Access Modes Interrupt and DMA
AHB Master
Ports 2 / 4; Availability depending on application-specific use of
external 16-/32-bit memory bus
Bit Rates Up to 1.8432 Mbps
Data Format 5 to 8 data bits; Odd, Even, or No parity; 1 or 2 stop bits; MSB or LSB first
Channel Modes Normal, Local loopback, Remote loopback
Modem Control Signals RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, DCD, RI
Maskable Interrupt Conditions Receiver idle; Transmitter idle; Receive error conditions; Character gap timeout; Character match events;
State change detection: CTS, DSR, DCD, RI
FIFO 2 KB Rx / 256 Byes Tx
Transmit FIFO Bypass
I2C v1.0
Bit Rates 100 kbit/s and 400 kbit/s modes
Address Modes 7-bit, 10-bit
Bus Arbitration
SPI (with Boot)
Bit Rates 33 Mps (Master) / 7.5 Mpbs (Slave) max
SPI Modes 0, 1, 2, 3
Maskable Interrupt Conditions
Boot Support Serial EEPROM, High-speed ROM/flash
Patent Pending Serial Boot Circuit Automatic configuration, Internal register setup, Boot code transfer to external memory
3.3V Voltage Monitoring
Early Power-Loss Comparator with Alert for Main Power Shutdown
Auxiliary Analog Comparator 2.4V trip point
Resolution/Conversion 12 bit/1 MHz
Multiplexed Inputs Single-ended 8:1
Rail-to-Rail Input Range
12-Bit Output DMA/Direct
External Reference
General Purpose Timers/Counters 10 (32-bit)
PWM Up to 4 with basic or enhanced functionality
Quadrature Decoder
Software Watchdog Timer IRQ, FIQ, RESET
Multiplexed GPIOs Up to 54 Up to 108
Real-Time Clock
Alarm Masks and Event Detection
Calendar 1900-2999
Resolution 10 ms
Integrated NVRAM 64 Bytes
External Battery Backup
External Clock Source
Operating Voltage
Core 1.8V
I/O Ring 3.3V
5V-Tolerant GPIO and Memory Inputs
Operating Temperature
75/150 MHz -40° C to +85° C
Power Dissipation
150 MHz Core/75 MHz Bus 1.019 W
75 MHz Core/75 MHz Bus 0.828 W
112 MHz Core/56 MHz Bus 0.638 W
56 MHz Core/56 MHz Bus 0.499 W
Sleep Mode, Wake on Ethernet 0.073 W
Sleep Mode, Wake on Ext IRQ 0.055 W
Main Power Down, Battery Draw 3.0V – 32 µA; 1.8V – 6 µA
Type 177-pin BGA (Pin-compatible with NS7520) 265-pin BGA
Ball Pitch 0.8 mm
Size 13 x 13 mm 15 x 15 mm
Lead-Free, RoHS Compliant

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