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Rabbit® 6000

Communications and Control Processor

  • Clock speed up to 200 MHz
  • On-board 802.11 a/b/g and 10/100 Ethernet
  • 64 I/O and up to 6 serial ports (4 as SPI)
  • 1 MB internal DRAM and 32K battery backable SRAM
  • USB 2.0 full speed host
  • Product datasheet

The Rabbit 6000 raises the industry standard as the first wireless processor providing a rich set of industrial embedded control features. It is the perfect complement to future hardware designs, such as our award winning single-board computer (SBC) products that provide low-cost PLC function- ality. Running at 200 MHz, the Rabbit 6000 is optimized for embedded control systems requiring high performance without sacrificing costs.

The integrated hardware and software environment with pro- cessor specific libraries allows for programmable features such as I/O and peripherals to dramatically reduce development costs and time to market. The Rabbit 6000 eliminates the dependency on external components, thus increasing product longevity.


Product Type Rabbit 6000
Package 292-ball BGA
Package Size 17 mm x 17 mm x 1.3 mm
Operating Voltage 1.2VDC core, 3.3V DC I/O ring
Operating Current 372 μA/MHz @ 1.2V / 3.3V ( Wi-Fi and Ethernet Disabled)
Operating Temperature -40° C to +85° C
Maximum Clock Speed 200 MHz
Digital I/O 64+ (arranged in eight 8-bit ports)
Network Interfaces 10/100Base-T, 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi
Serial Ports 6 CMOS-compatible
Baud Rate Clock speed/8 max. asynchronous
I²C 1
Address Bus 24-bit
Data Bus 8/16-bit
Timers Ten 8-bit, one 10-bit with two match registers, and one 16-bit with 8 match registers
Real-Time Clock Yes, battery-backable
RTC Oscillator Circuitry External
Watchdog Timer/Supervisor Yes
Clock Modes 1x, 2x, /2, /3, /4, /6, /8
Power-Down Modes Sleepy (32 kHz) Ultra-Sleepy (16, 8, 2 kHz)
External I/O 8 or 16-bit data, 8 address lines
A/D Converters 12-bit, eight multiplexed channels, up to 1 megasamples/s
10-bit, 2 synchronous channels, up to 40 megasamples/s 10-bit, single channel, up to 1 megasample/s (Wi-Fi disabled)
D/A Converters 10-bit, 2 synchronous channels, up to 80 megasamples/s (Wi-Fi Disabled)

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