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ConnectPort® Display

Zero-client and ultra-thin client connectivity

  • Connect and monitor display, audio, serial and USB devices over IP
  • Eliminate dedicated PCs, workstations, from retail stations
  • Save space, reduce costs, increase security and reliability
  • Utilize legacy terminal emulation
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ConnectPort Display is a network-enabled video display hub. It provides a video port, audio port and additional serial and USB ports for human interface devices such as a keyboard, mouse or touch panel. Zero-client models can be centrally managed and monitored from a remote server or PC via an IP address, resulting in smaller deployment stations, centralized management and reduced IT support. ConnectPort Display also supports standard terminal emulation, giving the flexibility to deploy the product today in a terminal oriented configuration and migrate to newer graphic displays and applications whenever desired.

ConnectPort Display is ideal for mission-critical enterprise applications, including restaurant kitchens, access control systems, industrial automation, digital advertising or any environment that is volatile, not secure or where having an onsite PC is impractical. It supports client communication with a variety of VNC or RDP based server applications. This enables remote displays to communicate with the host without changing existing application software. Airport status displays or stadium scoreboards, for example, can be centrally managed and monitored from a remote server or PC via an IP address.

ConnectPort Display also supports standard terminal emulation, resulting in straightforward migration from legacy terminal-based systems. This gives you the flexibility to deploy ConnectPort Display today in a terminal oriented configuration and migrate to newer graphic displays whenever desired.

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ConnectPort Display Zero-Client - 2 USB, 2 serial, 1 VGA, high resolution
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Specifications ConnectPort® Display
Ethernet One 10/100Base-T Ethernet port with RJ-45 connector
VGA 1 analog VGA 15-pin D-Sub display connector:
Up to 1600x1200 resolution (model dependent); Up to 32-bit color (model dependent)
Serial 1 RS-232 serial DB-9 port; 1 RS-232 serial RJ-45 port
USB 2 USB Type A ports
General Features
Network Device Recommendations 100 Mb switched Ethernet segment per ConnectPort Display
Audio Headphone or amplified speaker output; Amplification up to 2.5 watts; 1/8" stereo mini-jack output; Amplified audio speaker connector; 1/8" mono microphone input (applies to CE models)
Storage Up to 1 GB file storage (model dependent) for video and audio files
Application and Protocol Compatibility RDP and ICA protocols; RealVNC, UltraVNC and other open source VNC server applications;
VMware, Microsoft Virtual Server, Windows Terminal Services, Citrix Presentation Server and other server virtualization applications
Software Digi's patented RealPort® COM/TTY redirector for serial port connections
Operating Systems Server compatibility (model dependent) with any server operating system supporting VNC server application, including:
Microsoft Windows platforms; Linux & other UNIX platforms; Mac OS; DOS (no RealPort support)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 4.35 in x 7.20 in x 1.03 in (11.05 cm x 18.29 cm x 2.61 cm)
OEM board level models available in sizes to integrate with LCD and touchscreen systems.
Weight 10.00 oz (311.00 g)
Other Multiple units may be supported per server; 1 IP address per unit, static or DHCP; Robust terminal emulation for VT-220 and other terminal devices; Embedded VNC server enables remote monitoring and troubleshooting via an IP address; System status LED
Model Options
Zero-Client Models Digi embedded operating system; VNC protocol for video, USB; Digi RealPort for serial
Ultra Thin Client Models Full-motion video; Audio out; Stand-alone chassis models; Embedded board models for OEM integration

Windows CE model only: Windows CE 5.0; Internet Explorer 6; Windows Media Player 9; Remote Desktop Connection (RDP protocol support); Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0; WordPad
Power Requirements
Power Supply Ships with 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz power supply; 5VDC @ 2.9 Amps max
Operating Temperature 0° C to 55° C (32° F to 131° F)
Relative Humidity 0% to 95% (non-condensing)
Safety EN60950, UL 1950, CSA 2.2 No. 950, IEC 950
Emmissions/Immunity CE, FCC Part 15, Class B, EN55022, EN55024

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