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Redes con Xbee S2

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Hola, cuento con 3 Xbee S2 uno lo configuro como coordinador y los otros dos como router.

la direccion de la informacion es bidireccional, va del coordinador(Xbee1) a un router(Xbee3) y viceversa.

los 3 Xbee tienen el mismo PAN ID

Xbee 1 tiene Dh yDL del Xbee3 (SH y SL)
Xbee 3 tiene DHy DL del Xbee1 (SH y SL)

quiero que me ayuden a configurar el otro Router(Xbee2) para que funcione como Repetidor ya que la distancia entre el Xbee1 y Xbee3 es bastante grande y no se alcanzan a comunicar.

asked Dec 18, 2013 in RF Solutions and XBee by mvilleda New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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Converted to English:

Hello, I have three Xbee S2 configure it as one coordinator and two as router.

the direction of information is bidirectional, the coordinator will (Xbee1) to a router (Xbee3) and vice versa.

3 Xbee have the same PAN ID

Xbee 1 has the Xbee3 YDL Dh (SH and SL)
Xbee 3 has DHY Xbee1 DL (SH and SL)

I want you to help me configure the other router (Xbee2) to act as repeater since the distance between Xbee3 Xbee1 and is quite large and does not reach to communicate.

Thank you.
answered Dec 18, 2013 by halovapor Veteran of the Digi Community (681 points)
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