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Dialing out with the AccelePort RAS on an analog line with voicemail results in a "No Dialtone" error.
Category: Troubleshooting
Symptom: When you try dialing out on an analog line that has voicemail tied to it, the AccelePort RAS will not recognize the initial tone you get indicating a voicemail message and will report "No Dialtone". Cause: The AccelePort RAS is looking f...
Which Digi serial adapter cards are compatible with Universal PCI slots that support 3.3 and 5 volts?
Category: Installation, Hardware
Most of Digi's PCI adapters function in a Universal PCI slot that supports 3.3 and 5 volts. These include the following models: AccelePort C/X AccelePort RAS AccelePort Xem AccelePort Xp AcceleP...
How do I run the Black Box trace utility in Windows NT or Windows 2000?
Category: Troubleshooting
Symptom:I need to run dm_bb to capture information for troubleshooting and I am not sure how to do this. Solutions:Here are the instructions on how to run the dm_bb.exe utility. This utility captures blackbox events from a Digi RAS adapter. ...
Why am I unable to connect at 56k with the AccelePort RAS 4/8?
Category: Troubleshooting
Symptom:I am unable to connect at 56K when calling into the modems of the AccelePort RAS 4/8. Cause:The AccelePort RAS 4/8 has modems which are 56k v.90 analog modems. These modems have the same limitations as any other 56k v.90 analog modem. ...
How do I update the firmware on the Acceleport RAS 4/8
Category: Configuration, Installation
Symptom: Need to update Firmware on Acceleport RAS 4/8 Solutions: Instructions on upgrading Firmware (FEP) Instructions for updating the FEP on Digi International Datafire RAS and Acceleport RAS series products.   Download the lat...
COM Ports Won't Install At COM3 in Windows 2000
Category: Installation, Troubleshooting
Symptom:When I install my Digi product in Windows 2000, the new COM ports should start at 3 (or perhaps 5) but instead they start at a much higher number and I cannot rename them. Cause: There was a Digi product previously installed in the sys...
How do I Enable PPP Logging in Windows 2000?
Category: Configuration
Symptom: How do I enable PPP logging in Windows 2000? Solutions: See Microsoft"s Q article Q234014
Windows 2000 Does Not Detect my Digi adapter On Boot up.
Category: Installation, Troubleshooting
Symptom:When the system is started for the first time, Windows does not detect the installed Digi adapter. Cause: The adapter is an ISA or EISA bus type. The adapter was already physically in the system when the operating system was inst...
I can't open the Digi COM ports with HyperTerminal in Windows 2000, Windows Xp, or  Windows Server 2003.
Category: Troubleshooting, Miscellaneous
Symptom:The driver seems to have installed fine, the ports and the modems show up under Device Manager, but HyperTerminal can"t open the COM ports. Cause: Routing and Remote Access (RRAS) service or another program which uses the COM po...
Error code 19 - Your registry might be corrupted.
Category: Troubleshooting
Symtoms The Component Object Model (COM) ports that you created during the installation of a multiple-port serial adapter do not start, and they are listed in Device Manager with the following error message: Your registry might be corrupted. C...
FAXMAN Modem Init String for Acceleport RAS
Category: Configuration
Summary The support staff at Digi confirms that to enable Hardware/Software flow control for their Acceleport RAS series multi modem cards, we need to pass "&K6" in our init string.We start with our default init string:AT&FE0V1&C1&D2...
What init string do I use with TOBIT and the Acceleport RAS adapter?
Category: Configuration
Symptom:I need a modem init string for TOBIT and the AccelePort RAS adapter. Solutions:Here"s the init string that TOBIT is currently using with our AccelePort RAS cards. AT&FE0V1Q0X3&C1&D2S0=0S7=60&K3+FCR=1
Using the AccelePort RAS 4/8 with VSI Fax
Category: Configuration
Symptom: I am receiving Fax transmission errors when using VSI Fax with the Digi AccelePort RAS product.  However, faxing works fine when using the standard com ports. Cause: The Digi AccelePort RAS 4.8 supports Class 2 and 2.0 faxing.  You need t...
AccelePort RAS 4/8 ports with Lotus Notes
Category: Configuration
Symptom:Ports not working properly with Lotus Notes Cause:Lotus does not include the MDM file in their software so you will need to download the file from the Digi website. Solutions:Digi has developed a special MDM file for use with Notes...
Using the Acceleport RAS adapter with Zetafax in Windows NT 4.0.
Category: Configuration
Symptom:Zetafax will not fax with the Acceleport RAS card Cause:Class 1 Faxing is enabled Solutions:By default when running the Zetafax setup program Class 1 is enabled if available. To use the Digi AccelePort RAS you will need to disable C...
Using PDQComm or OmTools Fax Senior software with Digi Products in Windows 2000 or Windows NT.
Category: Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
Symptom: I"m having trouble using PDQComm or OmTools Fax Senior with Digi products Cause: Incorrect Settings Solutions: First, make sure that you have loaded the latest Digi driver Then, go into Control Panel, Network, to the Ports Properti...
Upgrading Acceleport RAS firmware
Category: Configuration, Miscellaneous
This is a how-to list for upgrading firmware in various operating systems. The method of upgrading the firmware is basically the same no matter which operating system you use, only the home directory and firmware filename in that home directory will...
I am using Windows 95/98/ME. How can I determine if my Digi ports are functioning?
Category: Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
If you have a modem or loopback plug, you can verify that the Digi ports are functioning by downloading TTY.exe to test the ports: Run the executable and choose Settings. Select the com port to which you have your modem connected. Configure the ...
AccelePort RAS and AccelePort Xp Source RPM Installation in RedHat
Category: Installation
Installation instructions for AccelePort RAS and AccelePort Xp Source RPM Driver in Red Hat. Confirm your system has the necessary package dependencies to install the driver:: Dependency listing Download the latest source rpm driver from our web...
Ports appear to be available but will not respond in HyperTerminal in Windows 95/98/ME.
Category: Troubleshooting
Symptom:Ports appear to be available in Hyperterminal, but when attempting to access the ports there is no response. Cause: The direct to COM options in HyperTerminal are only for ports using standard I/O and IRQ. Solutions: Install a m...
What modem do I use on my Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP client to dial into a modem pool using Digi RAS products?
Category: Miscellaneous
Download the mdmdgden.inf file here. Install a new modem on the appropriate COM port, and point to the new file when prompted for the modem files.
Domino R5 Server Crash in NXPCDM.exe when using Digi Boards
Category: Troubleshooting
Problem Your Domino R5 server is using Digi's various models of multiple port serial boards and the server is crashing on nxpcdmn.exe. In some cases the server does not crash; however, the modems become unresponsive.Solution While this matter is curr...
The cables that came with my AccelePort RAS card are missing or are too short. Can I use regular telephone cables?
Category: Miscellaneous
There is no prohibition against using a regular phone cable on the AccelePort RAS card. The cables provided with the adapter have a ferrite core to reduce line noise. In many environments the noise level is low enough to use standard telephone cables.
The modems on the Acceleport RAS card do not answer incoming calls from a v.92 modem.
Category: Troubleshooting
Symptom:Modems on the Acceleport RAS card do not answer incoming calls from a v.92 modem. Cause:Some v.92 modems have trouble completing handshaking with a v.90 modem such as the modems on the Acceleport Ras adapter. Solutions:A configuration ...
Digi does not supply support for third party JTAPI applications with the Acceleport RAS adapter.
Category: Miscellaneous
Solution: The Acceleport RAS card does not directly support JTAPI. If a 3rd party has written the JTAPI hook-up to a standard serial port or TAPI modem, Digi will only provide support to the point that we verify that the COM port or TAPI modem works...
Updating Firmware For AccelePort RAS
Category: Configuration
Solution: Instructions for updating the FEP on Digi International Acceleport RAS series products. Download the latest FEP file from the Digi web site. Locate the existing FEP file (see below). Rename the existing file to x.old. For exampl...
I have phantom serial ports in Windows. How can I remove them?
Category: Troubleshooting, Configuration, Miscellaneous, Installation, Hardware
The first step of removing the phantom ports is to remove all non-standard COM ports (remove any Multi-port serial adapters from the device manager). Most likely there are leftover entries in the registry. You can run regedit to remove the extra entr...
Which Modem initialization string should be used with the modems on the Acceleport RAS adapter?
Category: Installation, Miscellaneous
Symptom: Where can I locate the initialization string used for the Digi 56k RAS modems on the Acceleport RAS card? Solutions:The following intialization string is for use with the Digi 56k RAS modems on the Acceleport RAS card: AT &F E0 V1 &D2 &...
What TCP ports are used in Port Assist Manager?
Category: Configuration, Miscellaneous
Here are the following ports that Port Assist Manager uses:// WanLinks (old driver non split ): 2362// AccelePort RAS: 2363// AccelePort Xp: 2364// DataFire RAS: 2365// DataFire Sync: 2366
Display Error When Installing AccelePort RAS, Xp drivers in SCO OpenServer
Category: Installation
Symptom: In SCO OpenServer, when installig driver from the CD with ./setup, message "DISPLAY must be set to a valid display running X" appears Solution: From the command prompt: custom -i -p misc:dgap -F (full_path_where_driver_file_is_located_fil...
Package Requirements For Digi Driver Installation in Linux
Category: Installation, Troubleshooting
What are the package dependencies/requirements for installing Digi drivers? Digi Neo and ClassicBoard driver (dgnc): make, rpm-build, bash, gcc, glibc-devel, kernel-devel or kernel-source on older distributions, kernel-headers, ncurses-devel, per...
PortAssist Manager Reports Agent Not Responding
Category: Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
Symptom: Upon launching Port Assist Manager from a browser, I can log in.  However, I get an error "Agent not responding" and cannot proceed. Cause: The DigiPAMA service did not get installed with the driver.   Solution:The first ...
How do I change the default owner, group, or permissions of my RAS/Xp devices in Linux?
Category: Configuration
This article will describe how to modify the default owner and permissions of your tty devices when using an Acceleport RAS or Xp product in a Linux environment. The device nodes are created during system init when /etc/init.d/dgdm is run. On som...
Installing AccelePort RAS and Xp Adapters in SuSE 8.1 and 8.2
Category: Installation
Please download the most current driver from our web-site at: Digi Support Web Site Installation instructions: # script Make sure your kernel source is installed and the symbolic link is created: # rpm -qa | grep kernel The kernel-source should...
How to Run The Black Box Trace Utility
Category: Configuration, Troubleshooting
dm_bb.exe - Captures blackbox events from a Digi RAS adapter.     For Windows 2000, enter the following command line from the directory where you extracted the driver:   dm_bb -d DigiDxbXXXX -f -cx -e0xC0000167 -w filename     ...
Problems using Acceleport RAS on Unixware 7.1.1 or 7.1.3 systems.
Category: Troubleshooting
Digi is currently aware of a problem which occurs when attempting to install an Acceleport RAS or Xp card into a Unixware 7.1.1 (with maintenance pack uw711m3) or Unixware 7.1.3 system. To clarify, here are the combinations of OS/patch level in wh...
PPP Trace in Microsoft Windows NT
Category: Troubleshooting
Problem: How can you run a PPP trace in Microsoft Windows NT? Solution: Set in the Registry under the position HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RasMan\PPP the Key-Value to "1".  From now on, a protocol file will be writt...
Category: Installation
  1.  Go into Device Manager and locate the AccelePort RAS in       Network Adapters if a very old driver is installed, or Multi-port Serial adapters if a newer driver is installed. 2.  Right-click on th...
Category: Installation
1.  Download the latest firmware bin file from the Digi web site (www.digi.com). 2.  Locate the existing firmware file called fepdense.bin.  This file can be located in your Windows directory      (i.e Windows NT/Windows 2000)\system32\driv...
Phantom Port Removal on Windows 2000
Category: Troubleshooting, Miscellaneous
  NOTE: This is a known issues reported in Microsoft Q271523 which states that when you remove or reinstall a multiport serial adapter, the COM port numbers are locked in the registry and not released for reuse so on a reinstall, the next avai...
Windows 2000 COM Ports are Not Reused and Continue to Increase in Starting Number (Phantom Ports issue)
Category: Troubleshooting, Installation
Symptom: After replacing or installing a new Digi board in Windows 2000, the com ports are not being reused, but now are starting at a much higher number.  How do I fix this?           &nbs...
Having problems with your Acceleport RAS connecting to older modems?
Category: Troubleshooting
The inability of new V.90 modems such as the Acceleport RAS to connect with older legacy modems is typically caused by a failure to negotiate LAPM error correction. Most of the modems where this type of problem occurs are modems which were either ma...
Linux Driver Installation Error with gcc version 2.96
Category: Installation, Troubleshooting
Problem: Starting the dgdm module results in the following error: Using /lib/modules/2.#.##/misc/dgdm.o /lib/modules/2.#.##/misc/dgdm.o: The module you are trying to load (/lib/modules/2.#.##/misc/dgdm.o) is compiled with a gcc version 2 compile...
Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1 AccelePort RAS/Xp Driver Installation
Category: Installation
The released driver has been tested with Red Hat AS 2.1 with the stock kernel (2.4.9-e3). Here are the source rpm installtions steps used: Log the installation: # script [ENTER] Verify your kernel source is installed and matches your running ke...
Using Hylafax with Acceleport RAS Adapters
Category: Configuration
Hylafax is a popular fax application for the Linux operating system. What follows are some common issues our customers run into when using Hylafax with the Acceleport RAS. Device Naming Convention The Acceleport RAS/Xp driver creates device names...
Acceleport RAS Dialer/Init String Error in Unix Systems
Category: Troubleshooting
We''''ve had reports that some commonly used Acceleport RAS AT commands may have problems when used in dialer or initialization strings. The Problem: Some of the AT commands in the Acceleport RAS command set contain a "\" (backslash) character in...
Error seen when inserting the Digi driver module similar to the following: /lib/modules/2.4.18-14/misc/dgxx.o: kernel-module version mismatch /lib/modules/2.4.18-14/misc/dgap.o was compiled for kernel version 2.4.18-14custom while this kernel version 2.4.18-14
Category: Installation, Troubleshooting
If there has not been "custom" kernel modifications done, you can remove the extraversion from the Makefile: cd /usr/src/linux-2.4.18-14 Edit the file called Makefile remove the "custom" extraversion and save changes. make mrproper make oldconfig ...
While building binary from src.rpm, I get bad exit status with ''invalid operands to binary'' message  
Category: Installation
 Please use following command #rpmbuild --rebuild --define DISTRO=REDHAT_ZZZZ driver_file_name.src.rpm Use one of the following REDHAT_AS_3 / REDHAT_ES_3 / REDHAT_WS_3/FEDORA instead of REDHAT_ZZ_
EIA-232 Information
Category: Hardware
DTE vs DCE This is one of the most misunderstood areas of RS-232. DTE stands for Data Terminal Equipment, and DCE stands for Data Circuit-terminating Equipment or Data Communications Equipment. The DTE is typicall...
Recommended Custom Cable Vendors
Category: Miscellaneous
The Whyte Haus 260-484-5666 the.whytehaus@verizon.net Contact: Barb Whyte   Predator Grizzly Cable (503)292-7151 x 1101 CSP, Inc. 763-475-8346 mrannals@csp.com ...
Where can I locate Legacy drivers?
Category: Miscellaneous, Configuration, Hardware, Installation, Troubleshooting
Please visit the following page ftp://digiftp.digi.com/support_archive
When trying to install Port Assist Manager on the Windows Server 2003 OS, the following error is seen: "Invalid Operating System: Windows 2003. Exiting Setup"
Category: Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
The version of Java that is installed is too new. To make PAM work with Windows Server 2003, you need to install JRE version 1.3.103 or earlier. Here is a link to the required version: http://java.sun.com/products/archive/j2se/1.3.1_03/jre   &...
How can I find out the firmware version for an Acceleport RAS or Xp card in the Linux dgdm driver?
Category: Miscellaneous
The firmware files for the Linux dgdm driver can be found in the /etc/dgdm directory. Here are the relevant filenames: hlcf.bin = Acceleport RAS firmware filetiggerf.bin = Acceleport Xp firmware file To find out what version you currently have in...
Better management of Digi created serial printer devices in AIX 8 using a tty rather than lp device.
Category: Configuration, Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
In order to point a created print queue at a tty device, you will need to perform the following steps: 1. Create a generic print queue in AIX for an unused port (This creates an lp device for that port) 2. Create a tty for a different port in the...
What is Digi International doing to comply with the RoHS requirements?
Category: Miscellaneous
Digi International is in the process of preparing to meet the RoHS requiements. For details, please visit this link:  http://www.digi.com/aboutus/environment.jsp  
How do I find the serial number on my Product?
Category: Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
That depends on the type of product. With most type of PCI cards the serial number will be on a bar coded sticker on the back (i.e. S/N:(S) V81953990, etc). Sometimes, these card will have expansion modules attached to them (black boxes with addition...
Removing Class 1 From The Zetafax Setup Configuration
Category: Configuration, Miscellaneous
When running the Zetafax setup, it will display a list of configured devices (see Figure 1). Figure 1 To add the Digi AccelePort RAS, click New. In the Add New Device window, click on the drop down arrow to select the Device to Add. Select th...
When installing a Digi driver in SuSE Linux with 2.6.x kernels, a tainted kernel message is seen.
Category: Installation, Troubleshooting
As an extension to the mainline kernel, modules can be tagged as supported (directly by SUSE, or indirectly by a third party) or unsupported. Modules which are known to be flakey or for which SUSE does not have the necessary expertise are marked as u...
Transparent printing in SCO OpenServer hangs and ditty does not set the off string properly.
Category: Configuration, Troubleshooting
This is due to two different Digi drivers being installed on the same system. If RealPort and MPI drivers are installed, be sure to use the appropriate ditty binary. The RealPort ditty binary is located in /etc/drp. The syntax is as follows: ...
MODPOST and module errors are seen when compiling the Digi driver with a new kernel on SuSE.
Category: Installation, Troubleshooting
Before SUSE''''''''s kernel sources are usable, you must issue the following commands: cd /usr/src/linux-2.6.8-24.14 make cloneconfig && make modules_prepare Otherwise kernel sources are not usable for building modules for your running kerne...
The end of my print jobs are being cut-off and never print the end of the document.
Category: Configuration, Troubleshooting
This behavior is due to the spooler closing the connection prior to the port buffer draining. The following command can be used to hold the port open so all of the data prints: # cat /dev/null & Where ttyx## represents the actual tty ...
There is a very long delay seeing the login prompt in Solaris and UnixWare.
Category: Configuration, Troubleshooting
Customers have reported problems with ttymon handling a large amount of ports. Reportedly, adding more ttymons and only assigning 2 or 3 ports per ttymon relieves the symptoms.
When installing a driver in Red Hat AS 2.1, there is a rhconfig.h error seen.
Category: Installation, Troubleshooting
This problem is related to Red Hat''''''''s Update 3 of RedHat AS 2.1. Customers have reported that updating the system to Red Hat''''''''s Update 4 or higher, allowed them to install the driver without the rhconfig.h error.
How do I configure my CUPS printers for hardware flow control instead of the default software flow control?
Category: Configuration, Troubleshooting
Change the printer configuration (/etc/cups/printers.conf) file to reflect hardware flow control. Here is an example: DeviceURI serial:/dev/ttyx##?baud=9600+size=8+parity=none+flow=hard
I am unable to install the driver directly from the CD, is there another method to install the driver?
Category: Installation, Troubleshooting
Yes. If you copy the .bin file from the CD onto your UNIX server, copy it to a volume name that SCO''''''''s custom utility will recognize as an installation image: # cp 40001044_P.bin VOL.000.000 That''''''''s "vee oh el" all the rest are ze...
When logging into an attached terminal, the session is returned back to a login within 30 seconds or before the password is entered.
Category: Configuration, Troubleshooting
Be sure to use the -L flag for agetty entries in the /etc/inittab file. This flag ignores DCD (carrier), in the event it is not wired on the cable.
The follwoing error message is seen on the console/messages file: error message: epcaassert (Digi) lines 6964
Category: Troubleshooting
These errors indicate a possible memory contention....where another device is using a portion of the memory assigned to our adapter. In most cases these errors are ''''''''non-destructive'''''''' and do not affect the functionality of the ports. In a...
An error is seen when installing the Digi driver in SuSE Linux: (drivername) conflicts with file from package aaa_dir-2002.3.13-3
Category: Installation, Troubleshooting
This seems to be due to issues with the package management database. An article found on the internet recommends the following solution: # rpm -i --replacefiles /usr/src/packages/i386/(drivername).rpm
I am seeing random characters or garbage on the screen using SCO OpenServer 5. This is only seen within our Application.
Category: Configuration, Troubleshooting
Certain applications that are more graphical may show these symptoms. Try deactivating the fastcook setting on the affected port(s): # ditty printer -fastcook /dev/ttyx## Then see if this resolves the random characters with the application. If ...
Error seen when initializing the driver in Linux : kernel-module version mismatch /lib/modules/(VER)/misc/dgxx.o was compiled for kernel version (VER)custom while this kernel is version (VER)
Category: Installation, Troubleshooting
This error indicates that modifications have been made to the kernel adding the "custom" extraversion. Here are the steps to remove the "custom" extraversion: # cd /usr/src/linux # make clean # vi Makefile You do not have to use "vi", simply u...
The following error is seen when loading the dgdm driver module in Linux: dgdm_tty_open() - invalid major -70
Category: Installation, Troubleshooting
The error is due to a mismatch between the kernel compiler and the system gcc compiler. This can be verified with the following commands from the Linux root prompt: # cat /proc/version# gcc --version The versions need to match. If not, you will eit...
When I try to tip to a port, I see the following error: tip: /dev/term/x: Permission denied all ports busy
Category: Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
This message is typically seen if another process is running on the port. Confirm your serial terminal settings to see if the port is locked by ttymon. The easiest way to check this is via admintool. Type "admintool" from the Solaris root prompt. ...
Steps for installing Port Assist Manager in Linux
Category: Installation
Here are the detailed steps used to configure this in-house with SDK 1.2.2 and Red Hat 7.3: Download: ftp://ftp.tux.org/packages/java/JDK-1.2.2/i386/FCS/j2sdk-1.2.2-FCS-linux-i386-glibc-2.1.3.tar.bz2 Please note that java versions newer than 1.3....
The /etc/inittab file is not keeping the changes for the Digi ports
Category: Configuration, Troubleshooting
The drpadmin calls the /etc/conf/bin/idmkinit program in SCO. This is the same call when rebuilding the kernel, and it asks whether you "Would like the environment rebuilt". This will remove the current /etc/inittab file, and rebuild it from the fi...
Category: Troubleshooting
  Make sure that the system has at least one of it''''''''s native serial ports enabled in the system BIOS. Failure to do this will prevent the Microsoft Serial Driver from loading. The Digi makes use of it and will not be able to load without ...
Use of content from Digi manuals
Category: Miscellaneous
Content from Digi manuals may be used by our OEM customers in their own documentation subject to the following conditions: Clearly state: "Parts of this manual are used by permission of Digi, Inc." Submit a copy of the...
Transparent Printing Causes the Port to Lock Up in SCO OpenServer 5.x
Category: Configuration, Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
Deactivate the fastcook setting on the tty port to resolve this behavior: # ditty -fastcook ttyx## Where ttyx## represents the actual tty device. This setting may be added to a start up script (such as: /etc/rc.d/8/userdef) to configure the set...
AccelePort RAS modem does not hang up after call using mgetty
Category: Configuration, Troubleshooting
These adapters use Rockwell chipsets, when using the recommended init-string, mgetty will recognize DCD as high and force a hang-up. Here are the lines added to /etc/mgetty+sendfax/mgetty.config: port ttyG0_03init-**** "" \d\d\d+++\d\d\dATQ0V1E0 OK...
The following error is reported in Linux using the AccelePort XP/RAS dgdm driver: dgdm_triboot(0) - Adapter download error! We did not finish! state=0xfffffffe, status=18 DGDM - ERROR STATUS: TRIBL_FEP_ERROR
Category: Hardware, Troubleshooting
These types of errors are always indicative of a problem with either the PCI slot, memory conflict, irq conflict, or the adapter itself is failing. If the system has more than 4 Gig. of memory, please be sure the latest driver candidate is being use...
On some versions of SCO OpenServer a problem is seen logging into terminals where getty is flushing data after the Login: prompt.
Category: Configuration, Installation, Troubleshooting
Try adding -n to the getty entry: From the man page: -n Disables the keyboard flush delay for reliably connected serial lines. Without this option, getty discards input for a short time (about 1 second) after displaying its prompt. This is to avo...
Installing the dgap driver in Ubuntu Linux for AccelePort C/X, EPC/X, Xr (920) and XEM adapters.
Category: Installation, Troubleshooting
You will want to first unload the epca driver as it will not work: # sudo rmmod epca We recommend copying the epca.ko or epca.o module file to something else:sudo mv /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/char/epca.ko /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kern...
Does Digi offer products capable of 9 bit character serial communication?
Category: Miscellaneous
Digi products currently only support 5, 6, 7 and 8 bit characters for serial data.
How do I configure getty in newer versions of Ubuntu?
Category: Configuration
Newer versions of Ubuntu no longer use the /etc/inittab file for configuing getty. A new method is now used called upstart. This requires a file be created in /etc/event.d with the name of the tty device. Here is a basic example of the contents of /...
How do I configure getty in newer versions of Fedora?
Category: Configuration
Newer versions of Fedora Linux no longer use the /etc/inittab file for configuing getty. A new method is now used called upstart. This requires a file be created in /etc/event.d with the name of the tty device. Here is a basic example of the content...
The PCI-X adapter is not recognized in an HP DL145 server running Linux
Category: Hardware, Installation, Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
The system (HP DL145) has a PhoenixBIOS with an AMD Opteron Processor. Select the ''Advanced'' tab. In the ''Advanced'' window there is a: ''MCFG Table: [Enabled]'' This must be set to: ''MCFG Table: [Disabled]'' Otherwise, Linux will not see th...
When using the AccelePort RAS adapter in Linux with mgetty, the modem does not appear to hang up and stays off hook.
Category: Configuration, Troubleshooting
The following init-string is recommended in order for mgetty to force a hang-up. Add the following entries to /etc/mgetty+sendfax/mgetty.config.  In the following example ttyG0_03 is the tty ID for the AccelePort RAS port: port ttyG0_03 init-*...
How to find out the date code and manufacturing location information of Digi Products.
Category: Configuration, Hardware, Installation, Miscellaneous
Depending on the location the units are built effects the orientation, linked below is the date code from USA or Thailand.  The date code is 4 digits, 2 digit year and 2 digit week (YYWW) so in these examples the 26th week of 2012. Thailand M...
Is There Driver Support Available for Digi AccelePort RAS and AccelePort Xp Adapters with Newer Linux Kernels?
Category: Installation, Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
We currently only provide (dgdm) driver support for kernel versions up to 2.6.25: http://www.digi.com/support/productdetail?pid=1488&type=drivers If newer kernel support is critical for a large scale deployment, please contact your Digi Sal...
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