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AIX Console Information Is Not Displaying
Category: Troubleshooting
Symptom: The information is not displaying from the AIX serial port even though there appears to be a successful connection to the port. Possible Causes: Carrier detect is not being asserted on the AIX serial port. The cable attached from the...
Installing Original EtherLite Driver In UNIX (Legacy driver)
Category: Installation
EtherLite and SCSI Terminal Server Installation Guide for UNIX EtherLite Networking Considerations As with all Ethernet devices which run the Internet Protocol (IP), you need to assign an IP address to the  There are four methods which we rec...
EtherLite and SCSI Terminal Server MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) Information
Category: Miscellaneous
MEAN TIME BETWEEN FAILURES (HOURS) EL-32 --------- 84,036 EL-16 --------- 203,302 EL-8+ --------- 319,530 EM-08 --------- 32,388 EM-16 --------- 32,377 M008 ---------- 382,423 (Motorola) M016 ---------- 260,837 (Motorola) PCI-8 --------- ...
SCSI Terminal Server Troubleshooting
Category: Troubleshooting
Symptom: My SCSI Terminal Server isn''''t functioning, what things can I check? Solution: Check overall bus length. It could be that adding our unit extended the bus to the point where some noise that had always been at a tolerable level no...
SCSI Terminal Server SCSI ID Configuration
Category: Configuration, Troubleshooting
Symptom: How do I set the SCSI ID (address) on the SCSI Terminal Server? Solution: On older units, there is a rotary switch.  Simply point the arrow at the desired number.  Be careful, though, some make the mistake of not being sure it''''s th...
Verifying UL (Underwriter Laboratories) certification of Digi products
Category: Miscellaneous
Occasionally we have customers who require vefification of UL (Underwriter Laboratories) certification of Digi products in order to get approval to use our products in their environment. If you look on any of our product labels where it shows the U...
How do I enable baud rates above 38.4K Using the Legacy EtherLite/SCSI Terminal Server Driver?
Category: Configuration
Baud rate extension generates a lot of questions, due to the popularity of higher baud rates these days. Baud rate extension is a way of translating the entire baud rate table up one or more "notches". With baud rate extension set to 1, you...
Can I "scan" the SCSI bus to see if a SCSI Terminal Server Unit is Available?
Category: Configuration
Yes. Scanning the SCSI bus can be accomplished by running our own cdscanbus utility # cdscanbus This utility is provided with the driver installation.
Sun problem with 64 bit SCSI card operation
Category: Troubleshooting
Sun has released a SCSI patch which is highly recommended for the X1018A card. The patch number is 104246-05. Sun has also highly recommended the use of 32-bit mode on the X1018A SBus card. To set the card to 32-bit mode... The two lines yo...
My Solaris 2.x x86 system will not boot after loading the SCSI/EtherLite driver, regardless of whether our SCSI units are on the bus or not
Category: Troubleshooting
Believe it or not, this is actually a Sun bug, regarding scanning the SCSI bus at id''''s where there is no device. It is also specific to the x86 (Intel) version of Solaris 2.x. There is a bug in a number of Solaris X86 SCSI host adapter drive...
How to Configure a Linux System Serial Port for Console Management Using Grub.
Category: Configuration
The linux box won''''''''t have console turned on by default, you will need to spawn a getty at ttyS0 (the first serial port). Here is an example of the /etc/inittab file entry: 0:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 9600 ttyS0 Configure /etc/grub.conf: ...
Recommended Custom Cable Vendors
Category: Miscellaneous
The Whyte Haus 260-484-5666 the.whytehaus@verizon.net Contact: Barb Whyte   Predator Grizzly Cable (503)292-7151 x 1101 CSP, Inc. 763-475-8346 mrannals@csp.com ...
Where can I locate Legacy drivers?
Category: Miscellaneous, Configuration, Hardware, Installation, Troubleshooting
Please visit the following page ftp://digiftp.digi.com/support_archive
What is Digi International doing to comply with the RoHS requirements?
Category: Miscellaneous
Digi International is in the process of preparing to meet the RoHS requiements. For details, please visit this link:  http://www.digi.com/aboutus/environment.jsp  
Reference Guide: Cable specifications for building serial cables
Category: Hardware
Cable Reference Guides: EIA-232 General Information EIA-232 Flow Control Primer EIA-232 Cables: DTE vs. DCE EIA-232 Signal Information EIA-232 Cable Specifications EIA-232 Cable Capacitance vs. Length of Run EIA-232 Signal/Pin Convers...
How to find out the date code and manufacturing location information of Digi Products.
Category: Configuration, Hardware, Installation, Miscellaneous
Depending on the location the units are built effects the orientation, linked below is the date code from USA or Thailand.  The date code is 4 digits, 2 digit year and 2 digit week (YYWW) so in these examples the 26th week of 2012. Thailand M...
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