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What ports are used with the ADDP protocol?
Category: Configuration, Hardware, Installation, Troubleshooting
ADDP uses udp port 2362 and a mulicast ip address of You will need to enable these on your firewall for the ADDP protocol to work for the device discovery utility.
How to install and use Wireshark (Ethereal) for Ethernet Packet Sniffing
Category: Installation, Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
Wireshark Installation and Usage This document was put together to assist in the installation and usage of an Ethernet packet sniffing utility called Wireshark. To install Wireshark you will need to go to http://www.wireshark.org/download.html ...
Advanced WEB Server Serving Pages Containing More Than 8 K Bytes of Page Data.
Category: Configuration, Troubleshooting
  Observed Symptom You have created a web page containing large blocks of page data (blocks > 8 k bytes). You used the comment tag -->
Where can I find the CAD files for your embedded modules?
Category: Miscellaneous
We normally don't provide these. Please contact Digi Technical Support with further inquiries 952 912-3456 or www.digi.com/support  
How do I program my customized firmware or configuration settings to embedded modules for mass production?
Category: Configuration, Hardware, Miscellaneous
Use Expect/Tcl or python scripts to scan serial output and issue appropriate commands (to serial console) to program your firmware.See: http://www.python.org E.g. under Windows use:http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Downloads/ActiveTcl/ And create ...
While compiling LxNETES-2.3 for Digi Connect ME getting: 1638364 bytes (1.6 MB) copied, 0.251166 s, 6.5 MB/s 0: Length must be <= 2048 0: Copy failed make[1]: *** [linux.netos] Error 1 make: *** [linux/linux.netos] Error 2
Category: Installation, Troubleshooting
Make sure you have installed patch_bin Revision 1.2 into: /usr/local/LxNETES-2.3/arm-elf/bin/patch_bin You find it in: ftp://ftp1.digi.com/support/patches/9061connectme1_4p1.tbz2 9061connectme1_4p1.tbz2:software/LxNETES_patch_bin.tgz:LxNETES-2.3/a...
Building JFFS2 rootfs fails due to mkfs.jffs2 returns non zero exit code (Aborted). E.g.: /usr/local/DigiEL-5.0/scripts/make_images.sh: line 98: 9723 Aborted mkfs.jffs2 ...
Category: Installation, Troubleshooting
This is a bug in the Linux tool mkfs.jffs2 occuring on some processors/Linux distributions. To fix it, install an updated mkfs.jffs2 binary into your toolchain, e.g. into: /usr/local/LxNETES-2.3/arm-elf/bin/mkfs.jffs2 /targets/yourproject/LxNETES-...
How to enable second serial port on Digi Connect ME (7520) with LxNETES-2.3 (uClinux 2.4.22)
Category: Configuration, Troubleshooting
To enable the second serial port you must enable it in the kernel configuration (make xconfig). And do additional kernel config changes:1. In "Character devices" set "n" the option in "Disable COM A". "Disable COM B" /must be in "y" by default).2. In...
Why do products have an altitude limit?
Category: Hardware, Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
1 Altitude affects the cooling ability of the device. At higher altitudes, the reduced air pressure reduces the rate at which heat from the device can be dissipated to the surrounding ambient. 2 Products temperature rating assumes use at sea leve...
How do I write assembly code in .C file of a NET+OS application project ?
Category: Configuration, Hardware, Miscellaneous
Refer inclusion of assembly in gnu C code. Sample Code :- {please note that in the below code snippet, double qoutes are replaced with single quotes (') for search engine optimization} #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> ...
How to get rid of NET+OS 7.5 different build errors on Windows 7 64-bit machine
Category: Configuration, Installation, Troubleshooting
DISCLAIMER :- Digi ESP is not officially supported on Windows 7 64-bit Host. The Solution explained here is only a workaround which may or may not work depending on your privileges on Host Machine. Make sure that you have applied all latest patch...
When trying to compile a kernel with LxNETES-2.3 toolchain, you mind find several packages missing. Symptom: .. Command not found, when trying to compile project.
Category: Troubleshooting, Configuration, Miscellaneous
# cd  project_digi_me # source ./LxNET.sh # ./prepare.sh # make .. make[2]: bison: Command not found You need to install "bison" package, e.g. on Debian/Ubuntu enter: # sudo apt-get install bison # make .. make[2]: flex: Command not fo...
ConnectCore 7U (unc20) or Digi Connect ME running LxNETES-2.3 uClinux 2.4.22 might show wrong daylight saving time.
Category: Troubleshooting, Configuration, Miscellaneous
If you use timezone settings with LxNETES-2.3 uClinux 2.4.22 ConnectCore 7U (unc20) or Digi Connect ME you might observe that daylight saving time is switched on a wrong day at least in 2012 (maybe also in other years). This probably related to a ...
How to find out the date code and manufacturing location information of Digi Products.
Category: Configuration, Hardware, Installation, Miscellaneous
Depending on the location the units are built effects the orientation, linked below is the date code from USA or Thailand.  The date code is 4 digits, 2 digit year and 2 digit week (YYWW) so in these examples the 26th week of 2012. Thailand M...
Understanding MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)
Category: Hardware, Installation, Miscellaneous
MTBF is defined as the point in time at which 1/e devices on average will still be operational (1/e is approximately 37%) Furthermore, MTBF specifically excludes wear-out factors.  A fan’s MTBF may be dozens of years but it will  i...
How to install multiple releases of Digi Embedded Linux(DEL) together
Category: Configuration, Installation, Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
Default DEL installation folder is /usr/local/DigiEL-x.y and should not be installed as root. Declarations: Digi Embedded Linux package comes with an Eclipse based IDE 'Digi ESP' .  Digi has tested Digi ESPs on - 5.2 on Kubuntu 8.10 ...
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