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Where can I locate Legacy drivers?
Category: Miscellaneous, Configuration, Hardware, Installation, Troubleshooting
Please visit the following page ftp://digiftp.digi.com/support_archive
Use of content from Digi manuals
Category: Miscellaneous
Content from Digi manuals may be used by our OEM customers in their own documentation subject to the following conditions: Clearly state: "Parts of this manual are used by permission of Digi, Inc." Submit a copy of the...
How to get rid of  'Transmitter Disabled' message flashing in Digi Dashboard or in M10 debug port
Category: Configuration, Hardware, Installation, Troubleshooting
You are getting this mesage because a system command from ORBCOMM satellite has disabled your M10. To enable your Transmitter you need to have a valid subscription from ORBCOMM. For Digi M10 JSK customers (P/N:- DG-M10-KIT ), Digi provi...
M10 is connected but S/N, Version numbers are not found in Dashboard
Category: Configuration, Installation, Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
You might be using old version of Dashboard and you have an old firmware on M10. Use C:\Program Files\Digi\Digi m10 JumpStart Kit\tools\m10UpgradeUtility.exe tool in your PC to upgrade modem firmware. Latest firmware can be found in http://www...
M10 status packets says Gateway is visible but NO Satellite, which is not meaningful at all.
Category: Configuration, Hardware, Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
Satellite Connectivity M10 will query for Satellite link each and every second and update whether it is visible or not. Gateway Connectivity M10 will query for Gateway visibility of Satellite in every 8 seconds and update M10. So wait for atl...
How do I turn M10 on/off based on satellite availability so as to make battery powered applications efficient?
Category: Configuration, Installation, Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
Why we need to turn on/off M10? M10 take less than 1 minute to get a satellite link. It all depends upon the availability of the satellite at that particular time. M10 scans through different frequencies to lock to a satellite. So it ...
What are the different methods of finding predicted almanac for Orbcomm satellites ?
Category: Configuration, Hardware, Installation, Troubleshooting, Miscellaneous
Predicted almanac of Orbomm sattelites is a set of information which gives the probablity of seeing an Orbcomm satellite for a particular area in future. You can find this in the folowing ways:- ORBCOMM provides a real-time coverage map throug...
How to find out the date code and manufacturing location information of Digi Products.
Category: Configuration, Hardware, Installation, Miscellaneous
Depending on the location the units are built effects the orientation, linked below is the date code from USA or Thailand.  The date code is 4 digits, 2 digit year and 2 digit week (YYWW) so in these examples the 26th week of 2012. Thailand M...
Active Gateway Earth Stations for Orbcomm LEO satellites
Category: Configuration, Hardware, Installation, Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
At present ORBCOMM has three GESs:- Western  Hemishpere, ID: 1 Eastern Hemishpere, ID: 120 Japan, ID: 3 Note: The GESs in Japan  transmit both the 120 and the 130 IDs. There may be an effort to roll the Japan Gateway into the ...
Digi m10 Soldering Guidance
Category: Hardware, Configuration, Installation
The Digi m10 Satellite Modem can be incorporated in Select Solder or Wave Solder processes. Select Solder – No specific fixtures are needed, cycle time slower than wave solder Wave Solder - No-clean flux, no-lead solder (268 Degrees Celsi...
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