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How to install and use Wireshark (Ethereal) for Ethernet Packet Sniffing
Category: Installation, Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
Wireshark Installation and Usage This document was put together to assist in the installation and usage of an Ethernet packet sniffing utility called Wireshark. To install Wireshark you will need to go to http://www.wireshark.org/download.html ...
How to find out the date code and manufacturing location information of Digi Products.
Category: Configuration, Hardware, Installation, Miscellaneous
Depending on the location the units are built effects the orientation, linked below is the date code from USA or Thailand.  The date code is 4 digits, 2 digit year and 2 digit week (YYWW) so in these examples the 26th week of 2012. Thailand M...
Device Cloud Migration Guide:  How do I migrate my gateway to a different Device Cloud server?
Category: Configuration, Hardware, Troubleshooting
Introduction Digi makes a number of different products capable of connecting to the Device Cloud , from hardware products to those which are purely software.  Unfortunately, not all of these devices have the...
Getting Device Cloud Connected: Configuring Digi ConnectPort X2e (ZB or SE) Gateways for Device Cloud connection - Web User Interface (WebUI) method
Category: Configuration
Changing a Gateway's Device Cloud Remote Configuration settings from Device Cloud: The easiest way to change theDevice Cloud configuration of a supported Gateway is from the Device Cloud UI Properties page of a Gateway which is alre...
Firewall concerns for outbound Gateway connections to the Device Cloud --> What to do if everything checks out but your Gateway still shows up as "Disconnected"...
Category: Configuration, Troubleshooting
Prerequisites:   This article assumes you've already read through and tried the steps in these two knowledgebase articles: 1. How do I migrate my Digi product to a different Device Cloud server? 2. HOW TO: Configure an...
Device Cloud Accounts: Developer Edition and Subscribed Edition Protocols
Category: Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
In order to provide the most available and secure platform to our Device Cloud users, we have a number of protocols in place for both free and subscriber accounts to safeguard against "rogue" devices which may affect service. Some of these protocols ...
My ConnectPort X2e Ethernet/Wi-fi Gateway is discovered with a MAC address which is one higher than the address listed on the MAC address label (i.e. the Serial Number).  Why is this?  Which MAC address do I use to add this Gateway to the Device Cloud?
Category: Hardware, Troubleshooting
A ConnectPort X2e Ethernet/Wi-fi Gateway (both ZB/ZigBee and SE/Smart Energy variants) allow for two possible ways to connect the Gateway to the Internet:  via Ethernet/wired or Wi-Fi/wireless interface.  The Device Cloud derives "Device ID...
Known issue with the ConnectPort X2e ZB/SE connection into Device Cloud after a Device Cloud update
Category: Troubleshooting
ConnectPort CP-X2e models with firmware version 3.0.6.x (CP-X2e SE) or 3.0.7.x  (CP-X2e ZB) and earlier have a known issue re-connecting to Device Cloud after a Device Cloud update.   If you have a CP-X2e Gateway with the ...
'No module named OS' error in Digi ESP for python
Category: Configuration, Miscellaneous, Troubleshooting
When Python Standard Library is not loaded on digi devices running NDS firmware, you will get the error  no module named OS, Follow the below steps to overcome this error. Download the file Python Standard Library for ...
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