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The VNC server (winvnc.exe) is using a high percentage of the CPU and/or the connection to the host PC is laggy. How can I fix this?

1. Uninstall your existing UltraVNC Server installation(s) via Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel, then reboot the host PC.

2. Download these two files: UltraVNC 1.0.2 Video Driver Setup
Note that these links to the files "UltraVNC-102-Setup.exe" and "UltraVnc-DriverSetup.zip" are valid as of 04-30-2007 and may no longer be available in the future. In that case, you can download them (or newer versions) from the UltraVNC website.

3. Run UltraVNC-102-Setup.exe and go through the installation, following these notes:

At the "Select Components" window, ONLY leave "UltraVNC Server" checked (uncheck all of the others).

At the "Select Additional Tasks" window, check:

Register UltraVNC Server as a system service Start or restart UltraVNC service Configure Admin Properties Clean old VNC registry keys

After the installation is complete, you should get a "WinVNC Error" window that says no default password is set. Click OK then press Backspace and enter a password. Whatever password you choose, you''''''''ll need to use the same password in the ConnectPort Display webpage (in the Remote Access section). Ignore all of the other settings then click OK.

4. Extract UltraVnc-DriverSetup.zip then run UltraVncDriverSetup.exe and go through the installation, leaving everything default. The screen may blink.

5. Reboot the host PC.

6. Verify the video hook driver is installed by right-clicking the UltraVNC Server icon (a blue or green "eyeball" in the system tray) then clicking "Properties" (NOT "Admin Properties"). The "Video Hook Driver" checkbox should be checked. Click the "Check the Video Hook Driver" button next to it. If it reads "The driver is present" that means the video hook driver is installed. Ignore the status of the "communication service". The last line will read "The driver is NOT active" if the ConnectPort Display is NOT connected to the computer (if the UltraVNC Server icon is blue), however it should read "The driver is currently ACTIVE" if the ConnectPort Display IS connected to the computer (if the UltraVNC Server icon is green).
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