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Using Digi XTend, XStream, XCite, XBee radio modems for internet access

The Digi XTend, XStream, XCite, XBee radio modems specialize in long range, low data rate, serial data. Our radio modems are used in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint industrial networks to transfer serial data at rates of up to 115200 bits per second (bps).

Because the radio modems are optimized for low speeds to maximize range they are not well suited for high-traffic data applications. Any device that periodically transmits small amounts of data is a good fit for this technology.

Digi radios communicate exclusively with each other in private networks setup for a specific low-speed application. Digi does however provide gateway devices to link XBee networks to Cellular, WiFi, or Ethernet. Digi gateways are commonly used to wirelessly connect sensors and meters to the internet and act as bridge between an RF network and an Ethernet network.

Digi does have a Wi-Fi XBee. However, this radio is designed to pass serial data over an existing 802.11b/g/n infrastructure. The data that is sent over-the-air is formatted as a TCP or UDP packet, but this module does not fully support all Ethernet data. It cannot be used as a Wi-Fi card for a PC, instead it uses the Wi-Fi network simply as a transport medium for serial data on a single port.

For Internet connectivity, please refer to the Digi XPress Ethernet Bridge, which is capable or 1.5MBps at up to 15 mile distances.

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