Steps to configure auto telnet or rlogin sessions on the Portserver CM32.

  • Edit /etc/portslave/pslave.conf
    s3.protocol telnet [or rlogin] [IP of host to connect to]
    s3.socket_port 23 [23=telnet, 513=rlogin]
    s3 refers to port 3, use actual port number.
    • After editing pslave.conf.
      signal_ras hup [Activate changes immediatly]
      saveconf [Store permanently to flash]

  • Configuring via the WEB UI.
    Configuration -> Serial Ports -> Profile
    • Protocol telnet [or rlogin]
    • Host [IP of host to connect to]
    • Socket Port 23 [23=telnet, 513=rlogin]
    • Submit
    Administration -> Restart Processes
    • digi_ras Stop Process
    • digi_ras Start Process
    Administration -> Load/Save Configuration
    • Save to Flash
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