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Digi-One RealPort, PortServer TS-2/4 going off-line

The following products have shown a tendency to become unavailable on the network. This will only happen in certain specific circumstances, during network disconnection and reconnections. If these products become unavailable, they will require a physical reboot to be come reconnected.  This problem is characterized by the ability to ping the device, but the inability to bring up the Web User-Interface, and the inability to telnet to the product. 


Digi-One RealPort                    50000723-01

PortServer TS-2                       50000723-02

PortServer TS-4                       50000723-03

Digi-One RealPort (Module)     50000723-04

PortServer TS-4 (AutoZone)    50000723-05


To correct this problem, Digi Engineering has suggested that Customers use the command line interface set the ‘tcpip’ value of ‘rto_max’ to a number between 5 and 8.  To accomplish this, a telnet or serial command line connection is required.  The connection must be logged in as “root” and the following command be given to the device:


#> set tcpip rto_max=8


The device must be rebooted for this command to take effect.





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