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How do I set up my ConnectWare Manager to automatically update firmware on my devices?

Connectware Manager Procedure to Setup Automatic Firmware Upgrades on Digi Devices


This document outlines the procedure for setting up automatic upgrades on Digi devices within ConnectWare Manager

Tools needed:
  • ConnectWare Manager
  • PC or laptop
  • Firmware Image to be uploaded
  • firmware.xml file.  This file may be found here: http://ftp1.digi.com/support/utilities/firmware.xml 
  • Procedure:
    1. To create a firmware pack, you will need to update the firmware.xml file to matchup to your unit. Please see above, under tools needed, for the location of the xml file. You may edit it with Word Pad.

      The items you need to be concerned about are:

      • devicetype - this must match the devices listed in your ConnectWare Manager, otherwise the devices will not update. In my case, I had a ConnectPort X8.
      • oldversion - this is the old firmware version.
      • newversion - this is the firmware version you are updating to.
      • description - a description of your device with firmware version and firmware part number
    2. Create a zip file with your firmware and the new xml file.
    3. Go to Server Management > Device Types > Upload firmware
    4. Click on Browse and enter the path to the zip file.
    5. Click Install
    6. The results should be like this:
    7. Go to the Device Management of your ConnectWare Manager
    8. Right click on your group or ''All Devices'' > Administration > Reboot
    9. At this point your firmware should be upgraded.
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