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How do I program my Linux images onto a Digi embedded module?

Single (or batch) modules you get for Linux, will only come with a pre-installed unreleased U-Boot intended for quality test purposes at Digi. Be aware this version will change from time to time: so always reprogram with your own customized U-Boot version to avoid problems with different versions in field, or use the latest released via Digi webpage U-Boot version if you don't have any U-Boot customizations!

You should always program well defined U-Boot version, Linux kernel and rootfs images onto the module, either by means of the pre-installed U-Boot described below, or by the recovery procedures available for your specific module: e.g. via a JTAG-Flash programmer if available or (Micro)SD card recovery or serial loader (USB OTG) recovery.


If the module does not have a JTAG (and no [micro]SD card or serial [USB OTG] recovery) and you program a faulty U-Boot image into it, or interrupt the module during flash programming,  the module is unrecoverably lost, and can not be restored. 

if you want to program without using the serial port, try to use the autoscript or bootscript feature of the pre-programmed U-Boot (presumed it is available with this feature on the module), check out: http://www.digi.com/support/kbase/kbaseresultdetl.jsp?id=3173

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