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Bluescreen when installing RealPort on a system running AVG Anti-virus, pointing to the ''avgtdix.sys'' file as the cause of the problem.

Solution: Disable AVG from the system until RealPort is installed.

How to Resolve:

  1. Open up Device Manager and uninstall any failed installs from the "Multi-port serial adapters" section, by right-clicking the device and clicking "Uninstall".

  2. Click on Start > Run > msconfig

  3. Click on the "Services" tab.

  4. Unselect "AVG Free E-mail Scanner" and "AVG Free WatchDog". (E-mail Scanner may not be listed if it was not installed)

  5. Click the "Startup" tab.

  6. Unselect "AVG Internet Security". Click Ok.

  7. Restart the computer. When it finishes rebooting, install RealPort like normal. Once it completes the installation process, you can re-enable the above 3 items that were previously disabled.

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