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When I run the RealPort command line setup with various parameters such as setup /examine in Windows 7, Windows opens a second command session, executes the command and then closes the second session. This occurs even though I am logged in with admin rights.

Even though I have admin rights, Windows 7 opens the command prompt with non-admin rights. This is a change from previous versions of Windows.

The commands run correctly if I open the command prompt with "Run as Administrator". To do this, I create a command prompt shortcut on your desktop. I right-click the shortcut and select "Run as Administrator". I change to the folder where I have the driver package unzipped.

Now when I run setup using the command line options in the 64 bit versions of Windows the various commands such as setup /examine, setup /show, and setup /show coms should work as they do in Windows Xp. To determine if the command prompt session is running in the administrative version, check the header of the session.

The standard session shows "Command Prompt".

The Admin session shows "Administrator: Command Prompt".

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