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XCTU displays the following error: Unable to communicate with modem

Problems may occur when attempting to communicate with an XBee. The baud rate may be unknown, or the firmware within has disabled the serial port. If you work with the XBee AIO or DIO adapters, you will probably need to use this procedure.

You can help XCTU reflash the XBee by manually activating the XBee Bootloader.

Open an X-CTU Terminal Window

Change the baud rate to 115200

Assert/check DTR, De-assert/uncheck RTS, Assert/check Break

Hit the /RESET button on the XBee development board (example: XBIB)

De-assert/uncheck Break

Click on the Terminal Window tab, then Type a B and hit Enter or Carriage Return (the B must be upper case)

The XBee should return the Bootloader Menu that looks something like this:

Without resetting or power cycling the XBee go to the Modem Configuration tab

Check Always Update Firmware & select firmware you wish to load

Click Write

Alternative Method:

1. Connect the adapter to the USB port without the XBee adapter inserted.

2. Click the Write option in XCTU under the Modem Configuration tab and wait for the Unable to communicate with modem error.

3. Re-attach the XBee to the adapter.

If these procedures do not work, please contact Digi International Technical Support.

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