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The RealPort Driver in Virtualized Environments

The RealPort Driver in Virtualized Environments


  1. “Our driver doesn’t require or provide any VM-specific configuration options”
    1. “If our driver is installed in the host instance, we will treat the VM guest instance as an application, on the same basis that we would any other application”
    2. “If our driver is installed in a guest instance, we will treat the guest instance as a running OS on the same basis that we would in a single-OS-on-hardware system”
  2. “We will provide support for installation and configuration of the driver on the same basis as if it were running in a non-VM environment”
  3. “We can’t answer specific performance/tuning/optimization questions about VM configuration – for that you should go to the Virtualization software vendor”.
  4. Customers have reported success installing our driver in VMware (Player, Server, Workstation, ESX), Microsoft Virtual Server and Xen.  In all of these cases the installation procedure into the guest instance is exactly the same as it would be into a single-OS system.
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