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Steps for Updating the Linux RealPort Driver

We recommend installing the latest driver release from:


Update instructions:

  cp /etc/dgrp.backing.store /etc/orig.dgrp.backing.store

Turn off all getty processes in /etc/inittab, and run init q.

  /etc/init.d/dgrp_daemon stop

Remove the existing driver:

   rpm -e dgrp

   rpmbuild --rebuild 40002086_U.src.rpm

   rpm -i /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/(arch)/dgrp-1.9-33.(arch).rpm

Where (arch) represents your system architecture (i.e. i386, x86_64, etc.).

   cp /etc/orig.dgrp.backing.store /etc/dgrp.backing.store

   /etc/init.d/dgrp_daemon start

Change getty back to respawn in the /etc/inittab file and run init q.

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