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"Device Not Connected" error is seen when attempting to add a Gateway device to a www.livesmartlee.com account.

The following error is seen when attempting to add a Digi ERT Ethernet Gateway or ConnectPort X Smart Energy unit to www.livesmartlee.com account:

Device not connected

We're sorry. This device appears to be disconnected. Please ensure that you have entered the MAC Address correctly. Verify that the device is plugged in and connected to the network. If you corrected these issues and this message still appears, please contact Digi Technical Support with your device MAC address.

Check hardware:

If this error is seen, please check to ensure the Digi gateway or Coordinator device is powered on and connected to the network.  The LED activity seen just above the Ethernet connector should show a solid amber link light (left) and a flashing green activity light (right).  If the amber LED is not lit, it is suggested another ethernet port on your network router or HUB be tried or possibly another network cable.

Check the Device Cloud by Etherios connectivity:

Check to ensure the unit is connected to the Device Cloud by Etherios server.  The following article outlines Device Cloud by Etherios connectivity troubleshooting details:


ERT Ethernet Gateway:

If the unit does appear to be connected successfully to the Device Cloud by Etherios, this error can be an indication that the device may need to be re-provisioned.  ERT Ethernet product users experiencing this error should contact Digi Tech. Support with the MAC address of the unit to verify account provisioning. 

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