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The Smartlee application on my Apple iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone was registered to a different App Store account so I cannot update it. How do I fix this?

Apple applications are tied to a specific Apple App Store account upon installation.

If your version of the Smartlee account was installed using a different app store account, you will
need to delete the existing Digi Smartlee App before you will be able to update to a newer version.
The following process will allow you to upgrade from a new account:

1. To delete the current version of your Smartlee App, keep touching the application icon until it shows an X and starts wiggling.  Click the X and the application will be deleted.  Hit the Home button to return to the Home screen.

2. Visit the app store by clicking the app store icon. In the search field type in Digi Smartlee, and the app result will appear.

3. Click the result, which will take you to the app download page.

4. Once on the Digi Smartlee page click the install button.

If a new account had been entered on the iPad, the new app will be tied to that account and will begin the install process.  If an account had not been entered, you will be asked for your credentials (use the same credentials as with your livesmartlee.com account).


The new version of the app should then be installed, and will then be associated with the new account.
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