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When building a DIA project in the Digi ESP development tool, the build seems to finish successfully, but while running the project on the target device (Connect Core 3G for example), you may get the message "Can't find dia.zip file".

This is a known bug in the Digi ESP that will be corrected in the future. It can be addressed with the procedure below.

This document assumes the customer is working with and has installed the Digi ESP development tool to a windows machine. This tool is used to develop python applications that run on the Dig gateways. This tool can be downloaded from Digis website.

1. If the Digi ESP is opened, close it.
2. Uncompress the attached zip file, you will get a new file called com.digi.dpdev.build_1.0.0.jar
3. Go to <installation_path>\DigiESP\plugins folder ESP (usually C:\Program Files\Digi\DigPython\DigiESP\plugins)
4. Rename the existing file com.digi.dpdev.build_1.0.0.jar to com.digi.dpdev.build_1.0.0.jar_old not to lose it.
5. Copy the uncompress file com.digi.dpdev.build_1.0.0.jar inside the plugins folder.
6. Restart the Digi ESP with -clean option (just the first time):
Open a command console (cmd.exe) and execute the command "C:\Program Files\Digi\DigiPython\DigiESP\digiesp.exe" -clean:

#> "C:\Program Files\Digi\DigiPython\DigiESP\digiesp.exe" -clean

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