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Comparison on Digi Connect ME & ME 9210

Modules running Plug & Play Firmware only
DC-ME-01T-S DC-ME4-01T-S DC-ME-Y402-S
Hardware  CPU ARM7 NS7520 55MHz                      ARM7 NS7520 55MHz                                              ARM9 NS9210 75MHz 4KB cache                       
 Flash/RAM  2/4 4/8 4/8
 Operating Temp.  -40° C to +85° C  -40° C to +85° C  -40° C to +80° C
 Max. Power Consumption  270 mA (891 mW)  270 mA (891 mW)  450 mA (1.485 W)
Typical : 346 mA (1.14 W)
 Max. Serial Baudrate  230400  230400  921600

 Network  ipv4  Yes  Yes  Yes

 ipv6  No
Yes  Yes

Network Configuration    Ability to specify domain name in sockets destination addresses instead of ip address  No Yes  Yes

Socket Tunnel Yes Yes  Yes

IP Forwarding No Yes  Yes

Cloud Connectivity      Device cloud by Etherios No Yes  Yes

Network Services                                                                                                            Telnet, Realport, HTTP, HTTPS, rlogin, rsh, SNMP, LPD, Encrypted Realport Yes Yes  Yes
SNTP, SSH No Yes  Yes

Serial Port Profiles   
RealPort, Console Management, TCP Sockets, UDP Sockets, Serial Bridge, Local Configuration, Modem Emulation, Custom                               
Yes Yes  Yes

Industrial Automation, PPP Server No Yes  Yes

Backup/Restore Ability to backup full configuration Yes Yes  Yes

Ability to include encrypted passwords and keys in the backup file No Yes  Yes
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