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How to Determine the Cellular module used in the Digi Transport Router Based on the Part Number

TransPort part numbers contain a 2-character code specifying the radio module type, and the part number (SKU) is printed on the label on the underside of the router.  

In general, TransPort SKUs have this format: xxxx-NNxx-xxx-xx ..where NN = cellular module type.


Here are some of the cellular codes that you might find on a WR21 SKU:


U5 = Gobi 2000

U6 = Ericsson 5521

U7 = Ericsson 5521

U8 = Gobi 3000

E1 = Cinterion MC75i

B1 = Fusion CDMA

L2 = Novatel E362

L3 = Novatel E371

L4 = Sierra Wireless MC7710

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