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How to reset Digi Transport back to factory settings

Why do a factory reset on my Digi TransPort?

In some cases, it can be needed a factory reset on a TransPort, for example if a change saved in the configuration is causing some problems.


How can I do it?


To reset Digi TransPort back to factory reset, there are many ways that depend which kind of access is available to the device.


I have WEB GUI access to the device


If you have WEB GUI access, go to the Administration - Factory Default Settings section. Please note that restoring the factory default settings will clear all current settings and automatically reboot the unit. If you want to keep the network settings, enable the flag “keep network settings”, this option will preserve the settings of:

Then click on “restore” and click OK when the “Restore to factory defaults. Are you sure?” is displayed. After that, the reset procedure will be performed showing the following operations:


Operation: Restoring passwords and PINs to factory default


Operation: Removing existing ASY port settings


Operation: Restoring ASY port settings to factory default


Operation: Removing existing firewall


Operation: Restoring firewall to factory default


Operation: Rebooting


reboot time 3 seconds


The device will now reboot and in few seconds you will be able to access it again (using the default IP address if you have chosen to NOT keep the network settings).


I have CLI access to the device


If you don’t have access via IP (so WEB GUI) but you can connect to a serial interface of the device with a laptop, open a terminal emulation software (such as HyperTerminal) to get access to CLI.  Please be sure that your software is configured with the following settings:


Baud Rate: 115200


Data Bits: 8


Stop Bits: 1


Parity: No Parity


Flow Control: None


One you are connected, in order to do the reset, type the following command:


del pwds.da0


Copy config.facconfig.da0


And then (after that the copy has finished with an OK result) reboot with the command (do NOT save):




In this way, the device will delete passwords and copy the factory configuration to the config.da0 file, so that, after the reboot, the device will be up with that factory configuration applied. Please note that using this method will not preserve any settings.


I have only physical access to the device


If you don’t have IP or Serial access to the device, but you can only physically access to it, you can use the reset button to reset it. In fact, there is a reset button on the underside of most routers, holding this button in for 5 seconds will perform a factory reset on the router.


When the reset is initiated in this manner, the LEDs on the front of the router will flash to indicate a reset is in progress, the router will automatically reboot once the procedure is complete.


Do not remove the power whilst the router is running this reset procedure. Please note that using this method will not preserve any settings.


N.B: If you would like to disable the reset button functionality, the CLI command is


“cmd 0pbreset off”


To re-enable it use:


 “cmd 0 pbreset on”




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