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How do I force a Digi Smart Energy Routing Gateway to Leave the Network?

There are cases where the Digi Smart Energy routing gateway needs to be re-provisioned to a Smart Energy coordinator, such as a Smart Meter.  Once the Digi Smart Energy router is removed from the coordinator/trust center, the ATNR command can be sent in order to force the Digi Smart Energy router to leave the network and go back to scanning for a new network.

This will require a Device Cloud account.  Login to https://digi-se.appspot.com using your Device Cloud credentials.  Select the Debug Console tab, then collapse RPC_ZigBee_Interface menu on the left, then select the xbee_AT option.  In the Input window, use the following syntax:

<xbee_AT synchronous="true">
  <command type="string">NR</command>

Click Execute to send the command.

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