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How to use a Digi TransPort as an SSH Client from the Command Line

The Digi TransPort routers firmware embed an SSH client which allows you to establish an SSH connection to another device from the command line of the router.

The command implemented to use the SSH client is : sshc

When logged in on the Digi TransPort, a typical command would be in the form :

sshc <username>@<hostname>

It is possible to specifify a protocol version priority if the user wish to using the following command line argument :

-ssh1: use V1 only
-ssh2: use V2 only
-ssh12: prefer V1
-ssh21: prefer v2

It is also possible to configure the SSH client using the sshcli command.

ss123456>sshcli 0 ?
Parameters are..
conn_to: 10
hostsfile: known_hosts
idfile: privid
idrsafile: privid_rsa
idrsafile1: privid_rsa1
comp: 0
svraliveint: 0
svralivemax: 3
pubkeyauth: ON
pwdauth: ON
enc3descbc: 2
encaes128cbc: 1
encaes192cbc: 1
encaes256cbc: 1
macmd5: 2
macmd596: 2
macsha1: 1
macsha196: 1
debug: 0

For example, to SSH into another Digi TransPort that would be using IP address of with default username and password :

sshc username@

ss123456>sshc username@

The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established. RSA key fingerprint is e3:25:dd:bf:1a:03:05:1c:1c:0c:18:31:1e:1c:e2:b0.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes

username@'s password:xxxxxxx

Welcome. Your access level is SUPER

*note that the serial number has changed to the second unit

To leave the session and go back to the previous router's cli, just issue exit :




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