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How can I remotely manage dumb terminals attached to Digi Ethernet devices?

If you are using the network-enabled Digi products, they actually have some ability to monitor data directly, and other options may be available in addition to these suggestions.

Some tools that are available if you want to implement your own solution:

http://unix.freshmeat.net/projects/ttysnoop/ (watches a tty, should be portable to other UNIX flavors).

http://www.rt.com/man/kibitz.1.html (allows someone to share a tty connection with another, based on Expect which can run on top of Tcl/Tk or Perl).

There''''''''s a nice-looking Perl tool -- Interceptty http://www.suspectclass.com/~sgifford/interceptty/interceptty.html

Windows solutions:

Serial Port Monitor 1.2 (Shareware, 14 day trial).

Perl Modules (ActiveState Perl)

There are a number of tools available for specific Unix/Linux operating systems as well:

Solaris can use truss.

BSD has a command called watch.


ftp://ftp.cerias.purdue.edu/pub/tools/unix/sysutils/ttywatcher/ is based on Solaris, but source is provided.

Maxty is a Linux module:


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