The DigiMesh™ Networking Protocol

DigiMesh is a proprietary peer-to-peer networking topology for use in wireless end-point connectivity solutions. The nature of its peer-to-peer architecture allows DigiMesh to be both easy to use and equipped with advanced networking features, including support for sleeping routers and dense mesh networks. Overhead associated with the protocol and data payload is optimized for network performance and addressing is made simple so you spend less time defining your network, and more time on your application.

As a portable protocol, DigiMesh can be deployed in a number of wireless products servicing a broad array of applications needs, including multiple frequencies and hardware platforms. There are plans for several embedded RF module offerings, as well as ready-to-deploy non-embedded solutions including adapters, network extenders and technology gateways.

Why Use DigiMesh?
DigiMesh was developed to address the needs of a broad category of wireless end-point connectivity applications. DigiMesh is an ideal solution for customers who need:

  • Robust mesh networking in their application
  • A power-optimized protocol with support for sleeping routers for power-sensitive or battery-dependent applications
  • An easy-to-use protocol that simplifies mesh networking (no need to define and organize coordinators, routers or end-nodes)
  • The ability to deploy wireless solutions in both 900 MHz & 2.4 GHz

DigiMesh Products
DigiMesh will be available in a number of products, including embedded RF modules, adapters, network extenders and technology gateways.

Current Offering:

  • XTend products with a firmware change (no support for sleeping routers)

Planned Offering (Calendar 2008):

Features and Benefits

  • Support for advanced mesh networking, including dense networks
  • Support for sleeping routers for power-sensitive and battery-dependent networks
  • Deployable on 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz solutions
  • Deployable on low-cost/low-power and long-range products
  • Peer-to-peer structure is easy to develop around and deploy
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