Cable Replacement

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Serial Cable Replacement
Problem: A multi-unit convenience store chain wants to install variable message signs at the corner of each property where they can be easily seen by passing vehicles. Stores will display both chain-wide and store-specific messages that are programmed into the sign from a PC in each store. To deploy this messaging system the chain must link the variable message signs to the PCs in the stores, which on average are separated by over 100 feet.

Solution: Rather than disrupt the operation of each property by digging a conduit beneath the concrete apron to lay a wired connection, the chain chose Digi's XStream™ RF modems to link the sign and the PC wirelessly. Each store requires two modems - one at the sign and one at the PC to create a reliable RF bridge.


  • XStream modems cost less than one-tenth of the price of a protected wired solution
  • Existing stores are spared the disruption of laying new cable beneath existing concrete aprons
  • New stores can be configured in a fraction of the time a wired connection requires

Products used:
XStream® RF Modems
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