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Automatic Meter Reading

Power Management / Energy Conservation
Public utility operations have been revolutionized through the use of automatic meter reading (AMR), and government controlled and private public utility organizations are reaping the benefits of up-to-the-minute usage statistics and the ability to monitor and control utility access points remotely.

AMR...saving utility companies
millions of dollars.

According to an article published in Electric Light & Power magazine,

"Many of the best-managed utilities in the US are concluding that they cannot afford not to acquire a pervasive AMR ability."

Whether it is electric, natural gas, water or other utilities, AMR systems are being installed across the US and around the world, saving utility companies millions of dollars. These tremendous savings are provided by dramatic improvements in usage statistics and reductions in overhead and employee hours as employee meter reading positions are eliminated.

Public utilities can collect meter data wirelessly simply by driving a data collection vehicle through business and residential areas, or the same information can be gathered up-to-the-minute from out in the field when a city deploys a wireless municipal private network.

Digi wireless OEM modules can provide AMR devices ranges up to 1/4 mile in business and residential environments. The long range, low power, low cost and advanced networking solutions provided by Digi help AMR devices perform better than other RF solutions costing hundreds of dollars more.

Digi wireless modules can operate in true mesh, peer-to-peer, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or promiscuous modes to allow for optimum communication configurations needed by AMR applications.

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