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Data Communication

The Customer:
Employs the latest technologies and disciplines to provide cost-effective, ultra-rugged tactical integrated electronic systems to Military, Civil Service, Homeland Security and Manufacturing markets worldwide.

The Challenge:
The customer needed a robust wireless serial modem capable of gathering and disseminating mission critical data on the field that was able to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions without affecting performance impact.

The Solution:
The customer chose Digi’s 900 MHz 9XStream OEM module to meet its needs. The wireless serial modem offers the next level of flexibility in wireless serial data communication solutions. The compact and portable modem provides the ability to establish a wireless network of serial devices (i.e., environmental or alarm sensors) across a 1,500-foot range using a 1.9 dBi omni directional antenna. Digi’s 900MHz spread spectrum operation was important to the customer because of the increased reliability and security it provides to the solution.

The Result:
Utilizing Digi’s 9XStream OEM modules, the customer is able to provide maximum reliability and performance for secure data communications.



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