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Electronic Displays

Streetside Displays
Installation costs for wiring streetside displays can be very costly when considering trenching and weatherproof cabling to complete the job. As a lower cost solution, Digi radio modems are used to make the data communication link between the controlling PC and the streetside display.

The data which has to be displayed is received from a separate system which is usually located in a convenience store or fuel pump office. A serial bus is used for the communication between the two devices.

Out-of-the-box functional solution

Digi radio modems provide serial communications in an out-of-the-box functional solution, simplifying integration for the system designer and the field technician installing the system. No RF experience is needed to implement this solution.

Live Data Streaming Displays
We are truly living in the age of information.  But not all information is created equal when it comes to critical information. When it is received and where it is displayed is just as important as the content of the information itself.   

Cut the wires and put that information...in plain sight

Digi's 9XStream stand-alone radio modems enable consumers of mission critical, real time, streaming financial market information to cut the wires and put that information where they need it… in plain sight.

It used to be that the live data feed of market information appeared on a PC that was subscribed to the information server.  Then an improvement was made, that information could be displayed on a monitor that was hard wired to that same PC.  But special care had to be taken to assure the correct wiring was installed during the construction of the building.  If that monitor was to be installed after initial construction, wiring would need to be strung through an existing building. 

The options were to tear out the walls and start over, or run conduit and unsightly wires to connect the monitor.  Not bad if you're in a warehouse, but what about an office environment?  And after all of that, the monitor still had to be in same vicinity at the PC.  

To accomplish this task, all you need to do is plug a 9XStream-PKG into the PC with the live data feed, and another 9XStream-PKG directly into the monitor itself, and you're done.  This is not just a single monitor solution; you can broadcast that information to as many sites as you wish (within range), either individually, as groups, or all at once.

So cut the wires and display information mission critical information when and where you need it, to one point or multiple points.  With Digi's 9xStream PKG, there is no construction or remodel costs,  no need to run special network cables, only live data.

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